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Top lawn tips to make your neighbours green with envy!

Top lawn tips to make your neighbours green with envy!


There are few things more satisfying in life than creating a beautiful garden lawn where you and your family can relax, socialise and play.  But nurturing yours into life isn’t as simple as tossing some grass seed about and eventually giving it a quick mow now and again.

Here are some top tips for a lawn which is the envy of the neighbours:


Doing the groundwork

Preparing an area of garden ready for new grass can be fairly back breaking work, but a vital part of the process! You should try to remove as many stones and weeds as possible, and then rake and level the area.

Doing it properly is really worth it as it helps build a good base of nourishing soil to encourage root growth.


Turf or grass seed?

Next, you need to choose whether to sow grass seed – starting from scratch, in other words – or to lay ‘ready-made’ turf, which can be delivered if you’re doing it yourself.

Sowing grass seeds is a longer, less certain process, and needs even more care and attention initially. But, it’s by far the cheaper option, which has its appeal!


Watering new grass is crucial

You should try and do and water new grass twice a day for the first week – or until shoots appear if you’ve used seeds. Then reduce the frequency to two or three times a week for around six weeks, and eventually once a week.


The first few mows

The mower should be set on its highest setting for the first few mows, otherwise you’re in danger of killing off the young grass.


Loving your lawn long-term

Once the grass is established, there are a number of key maintenance tasks it’s a good idea to regularly carry out:

  • Spike the lawn – push a fork a few inches in all over the lawn’s surface. It helps the grass to ‘breathe’ and roots to grow stronger.
  • Feed the lawn – use grass fertiliser in the spring and mid-summer to nourish the grass.
  • Remove weeds before they ‘seed’ – this stops them spreading everywhere!
  • Mowing – mow regularly, as it encourages root growth, but not too short. Slightly longer grass blades are generally healthier.
  • Watering – water often, especially in dry periods, in mornings or evenings, and preferably using a sprinkler. Check the earth is soaked a good couple of inches below the surface.


Enjoy your lawn

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, enjoy your lawn! You could add borders with flowers to really make it extra-special. Or, for larger lawns, think about planting trees and attractive bushes on and around it.