The Most Annoying Things that Happen in Every Home

lost remote

Up and down the country, day in day out, there are cries of “Oh no, not again!”. This outburst is invariably down to one of the following annoying occurrences. You’ve probably encountered one this very day. We share your frustration.

Losing Remote controls

The TV remote. The same person always has the monopoly on the blasted TV remote. And it always seems to be the person who’s misplaced their glasses, or has no idea how to work the TV. “Press the red button, no not the record button… that’s the volume button, oh just give it here.”

Self harming moths

They always seem to get in just before bed time, and insist on flying into every lamp in the room over and over again. And then you’re left with the moral conflict….to bug spray or not to bug spray?

Dying all your white shirts pink

Every child in the country has been to school at least once with a slightly pink shirt. Embarrassing for your kids, yes; but it’s rather satisfying knowing others do it too.

Leaving the loo seat up

Its a constant battle. It will never be resolved.

End of the sellotape

If super-gluing birthday presents were acceptable it would make life a lot easier…except you’d probably just end up gluing your fingers together.

Hair blocking the plughole

Urgh….and why is it never the same colour as your actual hair? Baffling!

Power cuts

Can you find the torch during a power cut? No. You can only find corners of furniture….with your shin.

Running out of that vital ingredient

Breakfast of champions – Perfectly fried eggs, crispy bacon, toast that’s a little overdone, but you can lather on some… ah, butter. “WHO ATE ALL THE BUTTER?!”. Saturday, ruined.

Junk mail disguised as something important

How dare they? How can these companies sleep at night knowing they’ve duped you into thinking that brown envelope was a long lost relative’s massive legacy or something that would genuinely lead to an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii?


Where does one sock suddenly disappear to? The only plausible reason for this enigma is “sock sibling rivalry”. Sock twins simply hate each other. They no longer want to be together. The other one is probably on a bus to Dorset to start a new life. Odd socks is the only solution.


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