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Tennis, kids and your home cover

Tennis, kids and your home cover


Wimbledon, a bit like the football World Cup, inspires children all over the country to pick up a ball and knock it about in the back garden.

Some kids might be lucky enough to live somewhere with a tennis court in the garden. But it’s more likely they’ll be whacking it at each other, or against a wall, while close to windows and potentially valuable possessions in the home and garden.

Watch out for flying balls!

As with footballs, tennis balls thumped hard enough can cause a fair amount of damage. This is, of course, especially the case when it comes to windows, but a ball hit hard enough could also dent a car, knock over expensive glassware or damage a laptop if you’re using one nearby through a window.

The problem for parents is that without the right type of insurance cover, they won’t be able to claim for the damage caused.

Do you have the right cover?

A home insurance policy must include cover for accidental damage if you’re to be able to claim for a window that needs replacing or damaged electronics, for example.

Most home insurance policies won’t have this written in as standard,so it is a good idea to purchase this as an ‘add-on’

What’s covered?

Adding accidental damage to your insurance extends your home cover for, as the name suggests, damage that’s caused by accident.

In the case of a Wimbledon-inspired child knocking a ball through an original Georgian sash window, it means the insurer would pay out for having the glass, or even whole window, replaced.

Nearly all accidental damage is usually covered, such as spilling red wine on an expensive new carpet or dropping and breaking a laptop.


What to look out for

If you decide to add accidental damage cover to your home insurance, there are a number of key things to look out for:

  • Types of damage covered – Not all policies cover you in the same way. Some may exclude damage caused by pets or very young children, for example.
  • Claim limits – There will be maximum limits on the amount you can claim for accidental damage. This may be different to the limits for the rest of your policy, so discuss this with your insurer if you think it’s too low.
  • The excess – The excess that you have to pay (which is the first part of any claim, up to a fixed sum) may also be different for accidental damage. Again, check you’re happy with it.
  • Inside/outside – The cover may only apply to accidents which happen inside the main property insured. Damage occurring in the garden or outbuildings may not be included. Again, check and change it if you’re not happy.
  • Cost – With most insurers, it will only cost around £20 to £40 a year to add accidental damage cover, but it’s certainly worth asking for a reduction if you think you’re insurer is asking for an excessive amount.


Policy Expert

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Published 12 June 2017