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Smart technology in your home

Smart technology in your home

Are you ready for the Internet of Things in your home?


The internet is becoming ever more crucial to not only how we run our working and personal lives, but our home lives as well.

We can already turn the heating up and play music merely by speaking to an app, or adjust the oven temperature while at work and watch what’s happening at home by tapping a screen.

And now insurers might get in on the action, creating customer loyalty by offering potential discounts to those willing to use smart devices to provide alerts for problems around the home.

A hi-tech device for a very common household problem?

One of the most common reasons for claims being made on household insurance is a leakage of water in the home. And the latest research from insurer Policy Expert shows that a large majority of people would be very interested in receiving a warning the moment a leak started.

Over two-in-three (70%) said they would be happy to have a smart device which could warn them if a pipe had burst, for example, or a bath was overflowing.

Three-quarters would get a ‘leak device’ if incentivised

Many wouldn’t be willing to pay for the device, but with a monetary incentive thrown in, the figures are higher still.

If insurers offered discounts, three-quarters (75%) of those asked said they would happily install one.

Tech happy nation opts for smart phone alerts

Being the tech-happy nation that we are, 40% say they would like ‘leak-alerts’ sent to a smart phone app, with just under one-in-three (32%) preferring to receive a text.

Only one-in-eight (13%) wanted to hear an audible alarm to indicate if a leak had started, and just under one-in-ten (9%) indicated a phone call would be the best method.

Intolerant of gadget failure

However, the leak-alert system wouldn’t last long if it cried wolf too often as half (50%) indicated that they wouldn’t tolerate even one false alarm in a year. Just over one-in-three (37%) said they would be willing to put up with two, but no more.

Insurers to offer ‘leak-alert devices’ soon?

So as technology becomes ever more entwined with our daily lives, it’s surely only a matter of time before insurers see the opportunity and offer hi-tech ‘leak-alert devices’ to customers.


Policy Expert

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Published 21st March 2018