Summer’s big claims (and how to avoid them)

Summer’s big claims (and how to avoid them)

If we have good weather in the summer, we see a rise in three types of claim – all of which are easily avoided if you know what precautions to take. Read on to find out what they are and how to avoid falling victim to them.

1. Firepit and BBQ mishaps

Brits love a BBQ as soon as the sun comes out – and when the evening draws in, a firepit is a lovely way to keep the party going a little longer.
But every year, we see customers who have had a disaster with fire in their gardens. There’s loads of guidance available on how to safely enjoy a BBQ or firepit in your garden (including our article here), but here are our three top tips:
– Choose a place that is far from buildings, fences, plants and tents – and be mindful of whether there’s any wind.
– Never leave a fire unattended. If you’ve got small children and pets, keep an extra close eye on things.
– Don’t forget that ashes can stay hot for days – never bin ashes or briquettes until they have totally cooled down.

2. Open window break-ins

A hot summer is lovely, but a stuffy house can be unbearable. It’s no surprise that, with a lack of air con in the UK, we throw our windows open to get a breeze.
Sadly, open windows are irresistible to thieves. What’s more, your insurance may well not cover you for theft if there’s no sign of violent or forced entry. So be really careful to never leave any window open and unattended if thieves can easily reach it, and never leave your windows open when you’ve left your house.

3. Lawnmowers and stray stones

This one is perhaps less obvious – but we see lots of broken windows as a result of stones flying out of lawn mowers. No-one wants a household chore to lead to an insurance claim, so it’s a good idea to do a quick check of your lawn before you get cutting. If you’re mowing near windows, it’s a good idea to point the mower’s exit away from the glass just to be extra safe.
Those are our big three – but now you know, you’ll be able to be extra careful in avoiding falling victim to these common mishaps.