Strangest holiday home insurance claims

Owning a holiday home is a luxury a good number of Britons have stretched themselves financially to achieve. Holiday Home Sea View

The extra cost it adds to their daily lives means many choose to rent the property out when they’re not using it, while others buy such properties in the hope of financial gain or a retirement nest egg once the mortgage has been paid off.

But when people are on holiday for only a week or two in rented accommodation, they can get up to some pretty unusual stuff which they wouldn’t do at home, leading to some rather interesting insurance claims.

Holiday homes need insurance too

Holiday homes need similar insurance cover to normal homes, but with added elements such as allowances made for the many different people coming and going, additional public liability cover and often longer periods of non-occupancy.

Holiday home specialist Schofields recently put together a top ten list of some of the most peculiar claims it had received over the previous twelve month periods:

  1. Holiday brothel – The owner of a holiday home in Italy found that his property had been turned into a brothel by ‘guests’ during a four week rental, trashing the place.
  2. Ruined shoes – A woman in her mid-30s from Manchester had four pairs of designer stiletto shoes ruined by a gravel driveway at a rental property in Marbella, Spain, and claimed for them from the owner.
  3. Indoor barbequing – Total redecoration of a holiday cottage in Devon was required after holiday makers decided to hold a mega-indoor barbeque.
  4. ‘Hard’ towels and bed sheets – A couple who rented an apartment in Spain put in a claim to the owner because they said the bed sheets and towels were ‘too hard’ and had scratched and irritated their skin to the point where they couldn’t sunbathe or use the pool, ruining their stay.
  5. Overly passionate couple – This one’s something of a cliché, but it does happen; a holiday home owner had to claim for a new bed after holidaymakers broke the bed after getting a bit carried away with their love-making.
  6. Inside becomes outside – Guests of a villa in Spain decided to shift nearly all the furniture inside the property into the shallow end of the swimming pool. The only reason they gave was (you guessed it!) excessive alcohol intake.
  7. Sacrificial pig – One rental owner found a cardboard coffin with a severed pig’s head inside it. The walls and carpets of the house had been covered with blood, suggesting a sacrifice of some sort.
  8. Swan-dive – A swan came crashing through the roof of a home in Italy after hitting high voltage power cables, leaving a wrecked roof which needed fixing.
  9. Sinking cow – At a holiday property in France, a local cow, which must have got lost, tried to walk across a swimming pool cover, with obvious results. The pool needed major restoration work.
  10. Indoor beach fun – A bunch of 20-somethings wrecked a Spanish holiday property they were renting by deciding to put together their very own beach inside it. They used lots of sand and even seawater because they said the local beach was rubbish so they decided to create their own.

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