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Staycations: Half of staycations uninsured

Staycations: Half of staycations uninsured


From short breaks in historical Northern cities to summer holidays at trendy Cornish beach resorts, more and more Brits are choosing ‘staycations’ over holidays abroad. But latest research shows that many are making the mistake of thinking there’s less need to take out insurance for trips within the UK. This is despite most taking plenty of valuable items with them, and many experiencing loss of some sort while away.

One-in- two take insurance risk

Figures from insurer Policy Expert reveal that while 87% take out travel cover if they jet off into the sun, just over one-in- two (56%) don’t if they holiday in Britain. As around a third go on holiday twice a year and one-in- five at least four times, many potentially face having to bear major financial costs due to misfortune themselves. Going away loaded with valuables Most take valuables with them worth an average of £1,015, and with one-in- four (23%) saying they’ve lost something while away it’s perhaps surprising more aren’t as careful about travel cover if they’re having a staycation. Most commonly misplaced items include cameras, jewellery and currency.

Confusion over existing home cover

The lack of urgency regarding cover for UK-based trips may come from many thinking they may be covered for loss of valuables by existing home cover. Just over one-in- three (36%) say they don’t know if they have what’s known as ‘away from home’ cover included or not. This would also help explain why nearly four-in- ten (37%) wouldn’t know whether to claim on their home or travel insurance if they lost or damaged possessions while travelling. Away from home cover offers good value Away from home cover doesn’t cost a great deal to add to an existing home insurance policy, usually just a few pounds. And while it may not protect you as comprehensively as a stand-alone travel policy would, such as for flights being cancelled, it does mean you’ll at least be financially compensated for having items stolen, broken or lost.


Policy Expert

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Published 16 January 2017