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Spruce up your garden

Spruce up your garden

There are few things better than a lovely outside space to enjoy once the winter’s over and it’s warm enough to be outside again.

Whether you have a huge garden full of plants and grassy areas, or just a simple yard or balcony, now’s the time to be thinking about sprucing it up in time for the sunny days ahead.

Here are a number of relatively easy and not particularly expensive tips for making yours a relaxing, gorgeous place to chill out in:

It’s potting time

A well-placed pot with flowers, herbs or grasses in it can really set off an area of a garden. Nice pots don’t cost a great deal and for around £15 to £20 you can pick up lovely-looking designs in trendy colours such as dark blue or emerald green.

Don’t overlook the power of a hanging basket to brighten up a front door or sitting area. It’s traditional for a reason!

‘Fake’ grass on balconies and roof areas

If you live in a city, and have a small outside balcony or roof area, with not much greenery around, a strip of artificial grass glued to the surface can look, and feel, great.

Nothing beats the real thing, but artificial turf has come on in leaps and bounds and for only around £15 to £20 a square metre you can find brands that look amazingly real. Mix it with some twinkly outdoor lights and a nice small table and chairs, and you could be in seventh (floor) heaven!

Prune now, benefit later

After the ravages of winter, along with some of the growth since last summer, many bushes, trees and flowering plants will really benefit from being trimmed back and shaped now.

Some plants respond strongly to pruning by returning bigger and stronger than ever during their growing season – it’s amazing how quickly do, so don’t be too afraid to really cut back.

Grow your own

Even a small garden may have a corner you can convert into your own herb and veg garden.

If you don’t want to dig and turn over an area of lawn, simply cut old scaffolding boards or floorboards down and screw together to form a raised bed. Once you’ve filled it with the right mulch and soil, get planting now so your veg or herb patch is ready in the next few months.

A simple tidy up

If you simply want to work with what you already have, a good tidy up can work wonders.

Use a spade to cut into grass to give borders more definition, weed and hoe, power wash patios, paint sheds and fences, trim and shape existing plants, wash/paint any furniture and use bunting and lights to zip things up.


Decking might have gone somewhat out of fashion, but don’t give up on it. It’s a relatively cheap way of covering over ugly old patio or dead-areas of garden, giving you somewhere to sit to enjoy those long summer nights.

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Published 21st March 2019