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Spruce up your garden this spring

Spruce up your garden this spring

Spring has finally arrived, and the warmer weather means now is the perfect time to spruce up the outside of your home, making it lovely and inviting throughout the summer months.

Taking care of your garden and the exterior of your property makes it more enjoyable to be outside and is also thought to improve overall home security!

A tidy home is a safer home

The idea that a well-maintained home is more secure seems logical – an overgrown garden, for example, might suggest to thieves that a property is not well looked after and therefore easier to break in to. It’s a message supported by the Metropolitan police department, who believe that a neat and tidy property helps convey a sense of order*.

With this in mind, here are some relatively inexpensive and easy things you can do to improve the outside of your home – and potentially make it a safer place to live too:

  • Front doors and windows – Washing your front door and windows and applying wood filler and a lick of paint where needed keeps the front of a home looking fresh and well-maintained
  • Gutters and drains – Clear winter debris from your gutters (or hire a company to do it for you) and make sure drain covers are clear to avoid future blockages
  • Bins – regularly wash and disinfect outdoor bins
  • Front garden –  Sweep all garden paths and walls and freshen up the paintwork on any fences and gates. You could also consider adding flower boxes and hanging baskets to help bring the exterior of your home to life
  • Garages and sheds – Declutter your garage or shed, and ensure door locks and bolts are working properly and aren’t loose or eroded to keep outbuildings as secure as your main home
  • Power wash discoloured slabs and decking to help restore them to their former glory.  If a jet-wash isn’t something you have access to, water with some added bleach and a hard yard brush should do the job and remove discolouration
  • Weed flower beds and any borders to get rid of dead leaves, twigs and other debris covering the soil, then add compost and dig or fork it in. Then you can start planting fresh flowers or plants
  • Grass and lawns – It’s a good idea to occasionally rake the lawn surface to help remove dead grass and let the lawn ‘breathe’. Lawn feed can also be bought at most garden centres to help encourage healthy, super-green grass


Phew! With the hard work done, you can now kick back, dust down the BBQ and get ready to enjoy a (hopefully!) glorious summer in your much improved outdoor space.