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How to make the big spring clean manageable…and even fun!

How to make the big spring clean manageable…and even fun!


The big spring clean is something many of us try to do before the weather improves and the kids start running around outside. But fitting it in around work and home life can be tricky – and, let’s face it, it isn’t exactly enjoyable.

However, with a bit of planning, and a positive attitude, a deep house clean can be made more manageable. As well as, dare we suggest it, even fun!

Here are five of the best ways to go about it:


1. Don’t do it all at once!

Trying to spring clean the whole house top to bottom all at once can make the task hugely daunting.

An alternative approach is to spread it over a few weeks, allocating free time when you can to various areas of the home. You might choose a Saturday morning to the bathroom, then the kitchen a week later, for example.


2. Make a checklist

It can be a great help to make a checklist of all the cleaning jobs you need to do. It might keep you both sane and organised!

Next to each, put the date you’ll do it and how long you expect it to take. You can tick off and cross through the tasks when you complete them – this is really satisfying!


3. Make it inspiring

Music is a great way of keeping cheerful and motivated while you work. By creating Spotify or YouTube playlists for the periods you’ve set aside for cleaning you might even ‘look forward’ to your housework – Queen’s ‘I want to break free’ springs to mind!

Audio books and podcasts are also a good way of letting you do the dirty work while enjoying something more pleasurable at the same time.


4. Make it fun for the family

If you have children, you could create cleaning games and offer rewards in return for their help. The exercise can become a family bonding session, and providing good life-lessons for little ones!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Set a timer and see who can complete tasks the quickest.
  • Let the kids play DJ and create their own ‘cleaning setlists’.
  • They could invent dressing up outfits and become cleaning ‘super heroes’.
  • Get them to choose which local charity shops to take any unwanted, but still useful, items.


5. Make it pay

Spring cleaning often involves a lot of de-cluttering. But instead of simply taking all your unwanted things to the tip, think about selling the better items via websites such as eBay, or your local corner-shop window.

The second hand value of old clothes, curtains, games, sports kit, gadgets, books and CDs can all add up to a tidy sum. And if you tell yourself you’re being ‘paid’ to do the clean, it might inspire you to get on with it!