Spring clean your garden

Spring clean your garden

After the cold, rain and wind we’ve had this year, if you have a garden you’re probably pretty excited to get out and get it ready for brighter days.

This is a great opportunity to do some maintenance work on your home to make sure you’re as protected as possible against the elements. All the same, it’s important to avoid some of the common mistakes we see each year. Read on to see our garden maintenance dos and don’ts…

Here’s what you should do:

Have a poke around your attic
Get inside your attic and check for any signs of roof damage, like sagging, water rings or sunlight coming through. Remember you may also save money on heating bills if you stop the cold coming in from holes in the roof.

Check your flashing
Chimneys, skylights, satellite dishes and other objects on your roof are sealed with metal strips called ‘flashing’. These can become damaged over time or during bad weather. Flashing needs to sit flush against the roof with no gaps where water can seep in. Flashing can also slip over time, so check for any signs of movement or rust.

Hunt for moss
If you have moss, be aware that it could cause moisture damage to roof tiles and the wood underneath. During summer it can spread fast, so it’s best to catch it before it gets out of control. The easiest way to remove moss is after a dry spell: just brush it off with a stiff broom. If your roof is covered in moss, it might have caused further damage. It’s best speaking to a roofing expert for advice.

Clean your gutters
A Policy Expert favourite – make sure you check your gutters for moss or leaves and give them a good clearing. If you let your gutters get full, you can land yourself with serious damp issues as rainfall overflows onto your bricks. Check your support brackets are still securely fixed too – especially after the wind we’ve had.

When it comes to rooves, the longer you leave any damage, the worse it’s likely to become. So, if you do spot anything, it’s best to contact a registered roofing contractor or gutter cleaning professional to check out any potential issues.

Things you shouldn’t do:

Rush into mowing your lawn

If you decide to mow your lawn, don’t forget to check for stones first! Every year we see smashed windows from stones flying out of lawn mowers. Remember to point the mower’s exit away from any glass just to be extra careful

Looking to get rid of your garden waste?

You can compost or recycle garden waste, but some prefer to do a garden bonfire. If you decide to do this, check your local authority’s advice. Remember to never leave a bonfire unattended, and be sure to check which direction the wind is blowing in before lighting it.

If you decide to have a fire, be sure to stay with it until it’s properly gone out. Pour water on the embers to make sure that it isn’t still alight before you leave it.

A proper garden clean-up often involves sharp tools and heavy objects. Combine this with ice or a slippery moss floor and you could find yourself in a bad situation. Always take your time, ask someone to help if you need it and make sure to not take on any tasks which are more than is safe and easy for you.