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Signed, sealed, undelivered

Signed, sealed, undelivered

It was all going so swimmingly. You’d bought the perfect Christmas Dad-gift online – admittedly a little bit ‘last minute’ – then disaster struck. The delivery never turned up. Christmas ruined, again.

If that strikes a chord, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Latest research from Policy Expert highlights some of the problems associated with purchasing remotely, rather than in-store, close to the big day.


One-in-nine have parcels go missing

The figures show that almost one-in-nine adult Brits, or 6.2million people, have had a parcel delivery go missing close to Christmas that they asked to be left outside the home.

Of these, most had given instructions to leave the item behind a bin, wall or plant pot, or in another position at the front of the house.


Damaged en route

Damage, rather than theft, is another issue. Just over one-in-twelve (8%) have found parcels that have been left outside where they live ruined.

As most people don’t want to take a day off work to wait in for deliveries, requesting that items are left outside the home is very common. However, thieves know this, with obvious consequences!


Most never get money back

Unfortunately, the vast majority never recover the money they spend on the missing or damaged items. Only one-in-fourteen (7%) manage to get their cash back so many are obviously not bothering to seek recompense, or are failing to persuade a retailer that they’ve been wronged.

When you consider that Policy Expert’s statistics reveal that almost nine-in-ten order parcel deliveries to the home, it’s clear many are going to suffer gift-buying, and receiving, disappointment this festive season.


Workplace deliveries and pressie spending

Perhaps sensibly, over one-in-ten (11%) choose to have some purchases sent to their place of work. But another one-in-twelve opt for the dicey option of a relative’s house, with the same potential for delivery problems experienced at their own address.

It doesn’t seem to put off most from spending significant sums on pressies at Christmas, however, with the average spend on friends and family being £498.

We’re most generous when it comes to our partners, splashing out an average of £120 on each. Mums and dads come a close second on £56 per parent.

We’re understandably a bit more frugal with friends, spending an average of £21 per buddy.


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