Scots make the most generous wedding guests and those in the Home Counties the least

Most of us have looked at a wedding gift list, gulped at the prices, worried over what to buy and eventually opted for the second cheapest thing so as not to look mean.

But where in the country do the wedding guests live that spend the most and least? And how much in total do weddings cost those that go?

Scottish guests the most generous

Contrary to the stereotype, latest research shows that Scottish guests are the most generous when it comes to splashing out on presents for brides and grooms, while those in the ‘loadsamoney’ South East the least.

A survey by insurance broker Policy Expert reveals that wedding guests living north of the border spend an average of £59 on gifts for happy couples.

Richest are stingiest?

They say the richest are often the stingiest, and the figures appear to bear this out. Those in the wealthiest region of the UK, the South East, which includes affluent London, only splash out a comparatively small £39 on a wedding present. The least of all the regions surveyed.

Those living in Wales and the Midlands are the next least generous, with residents of both areas spending an average of £40.

Generous Geordies

In England, if it’s gifts you’re after, the best friends and family to invite to your wedding are from the North East. Generous Geordies shell out an average of £46 on something for the bride and groom, the second most after the Scottish.

The good folk of East Anglia are nearly as generous guests, coughing up an average of £45.

Scots and Geordies also biggest engagement gift buyers

As they’re the most generous when it comes to wedding presents, it’s perhaps no surprise that those living in Scotland and the North East are also the most likely to buy an engagement present.

In Scotland, 56% say they get a little something to celebrate an agreement to marry, while in the North East it’s 48%.

The Welsh, stereotypically renowned for their generosity, come a close third, with 45% saying they buy engagement presents.

Geordies highest engagement gift spenders

The Scottish aren’t the highest spenders on engagement trinkets though, spending the third most at £35. Those in Geordie-land blow the largest amount, averaging £40 per gift.

At least people living in South Central England put Southerners in a slightly better light. Although only one in three say they buy an engagement gift, at least those that do spend the second highest sum at £38.

South East least generous again!

In other regions, an engagement present is clearly considered a bit over the top.

Given that they spend the least on a wedding gift, it’s perhaps no surprise those in the South East also spend the smallest sum to mark an engagement. The second lowest number in any region, 24%, say they spend the least at £18.

Those in the South West engagement gifts are seen as a bit daft, with the lowest number of people, 22%, buying anything.

The types of wedding gifts people buy

When it comes to the sorts of gifts wedding guests buy, those in South Central England are perhaps the least imaginative, with almost half, 46%, choosing something from the guest list.

The Welsh are the biggest givers of cash, with one in three handing over a lovely wad of notes. They’re also the most likely to give something handmade.

Welsh spend the most going to weddings

It’s also the Welsh who spend the most when you take into account the total cost of being a wedding guest.

The average resident of Wales spend a whopping great £798 on weddings costs such as accommodation, outfits, travel and a hen or stag party too.

Once again, people in Scotland and North East spend a lot

Given their generosity with gifts, it’s perhaps no surprise that residents of Scotland and the North East also spend the second and third largest sums going to weddings at £753 and £743 respectively.

Those in the North West and South Central areas are arguably fortunate enough to spend the least. North Westerners shell out an average of £562 per wedding, while those in South Central England spend the lowest amount, £527.

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