School holidays mean accidents at home

Policy Expert asked our customers about their experiences with having kids at home over the school holidays, and here’s what they said… kids_and_gadgets

Kids cause around £739 of damage in the home during their childhood, with boys causing the lion’s share of carnage. With nearly half of us (47%) planning on entertaining children at home this Easter holidays, families are being prompted to check their home insurance for accidental damage cover – just in case disaster strikes.


True to the stereotype, boisterous boys are more than twice as likely to cause damage as girls, although nearly a third (32%) of respondents said they felt both were equally to blame. And forget the ‘terrible twos’; three and four year olds proved the most mischievous, causing almost 20% of the total damage between them.


The most common targets for tearaway tykes were revealed to be paintwork and interior décor (29%), followed by carpets, upholstery (21%) and gadgets (17%).


Despite this level of mischief, a quarter (25%) of people don’t know if they have accidental damage cover included in their home insurance.


The survey revealed that kids are quick to pass the blame, with the top excuse found to be ‘it wasn’t me’. More inventive excuses included that colouring the furniture and walls ‘made it look prettier’ and claiming an item ‘broke itself’ as well as blaming a ghost, the family dog, and even grandma!


Top six items children cause damage to:

  1. Paintwork / interior décor
  2. Carpets / upholstery
  3. Gadgets
  4. Furniture
  5. Glass / mirrors
  6. Plumbing / electrics


Top kids’ excuses:

  • It wasn’t me
  • It was an accident
  • I didn’t mean to!
  • Blame grandparent / mum / dad
  • Blame a sibling
  • Say it was an accident / I didn’t mean to
  • The dog told me to / did it
  • Blame a ghost / imaginary friend

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