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Quick fixes to add value to your home

Quick fixes to add value to your home


When it comes to judging something on its looks, anyone who’s possibly spending hundreds of thousands on the biggest investment they’ll ever make is going to be a harsh critic.

The good news is that even if you don’t have the most amazing home, there are a number of tips and tricks to help you spruce it up so that it has curb appeal outside and style appeal within.

1. Make the most of the summer – Everything looks so much better in the summer, so make the most of it; have a good go at the garden, clipping bushes, sweeping paths and planting flowers, buy or borrow decent garden furniture, smarten up balconies and decks and paint, or at least clean, soffits, guttering and pipes.

2.Summer viewings – Try and get people to view when you know your home looks best; don’t be difficult about times, but if you have a west-facing garden, ask buyers round in the afternoon or early evening.

3.Brighten it up – It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do. Dingy hallways and dark dining rooms can quickly be turned around with a few hours painting. Even if it’s just cheap white (preferably a slightly off-white!), light will bounce around more and make rooms more appealing. Think neutral colours rather than bold statements.

4.Soft furnishings – Dingy old curtains and ugly tired rugs can ruin a room. New ones don’t have to cost a fortune at places like Dunelm and IKEA and, as with painting rooms, the effect can be striking. Also think about switching to blinds and shutters, which can help make a room feel bigger, more open and lighter.

5.Think ‘less is more’ – Clutter and knickknacks, even if completely superficial, are something that put many buyers off. The more you have around, the less likely they’ll be able to imagine living somewhere with their own taste and furnishings. Even if you just bung things in a cupboard, get them out the way!

6.Clean the windows – Both externally and internally, it’s amazing the difference cleaning window glass and frames makes. And it’s very cheap to do; you just need a bucket of soapy water, or glass cleaner, and an old rag.

7.Fix anything broken – From leaky taps and doors that won’t close properly to broken fences and cracked glass, you need to fix it. Otherwise buyers may wonder if there are more serious problems lurking and be scared off.

8.Mirror, mirror on the wall – Attractive mirrors are pretty affordable these days, and a few carefully placed ones, even in the garden, can increase the feeling of light and space cheaply and effectively.


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Published 21 June 2017