Preparing your garden for winter

Preparing your garden for winter

As we enjoy the golden glow of autumn, it’s time to think about prepping gardens for winter. It may be an unwelcome thought, but a little extra work now means your outdoor space will require little maintenance in the colder months, and will be raring to go come spring!

So what should you do?Woman putting leaves gardening cleaning bucket housework

Mow the lawn

By giving your lawn one final haircut, you’ll ensure it stays neat and tidy all winter long. Keeping it short will also prevent the matting that makes the first cut of the year such a pain.

Plant spring bulbs

There’s nothing like the sight of a sea of colourful daffodils breaking through the gloom of winter, and heralding spring. Make sure your garden is awash with colour by planting spring-flowering bulbs such as daffodils, tulips and crocuses now.

Give tools the once over

Before putting your tools away for the winter, it is well worth giving them a basic service, to prevent nasty surprises come spring. Hand tools such as spades and trowels should be cleaned and dried, with a light coat of oil to  prevent rust.  Lawn mowers should also be thoroughly cleaned, and the petrol tank emptied.

Store garden furniture

Once again, cleanliness is key to preventing damage. Thoroughly cleaning  before winter will inhibit the growth of mould. If possible, packing away and storing garden furniture in a shed or garage will protect it from the worst of the weather. If you can’t put it away, make sure furniture is adequately secured before severe storms to prevent damage to the furniture, and anything else in the garden!

Trim overhanging trees 

Tree branches can cause major damage to roofs in storms and high winds. Pruning them in autumn as they go dormant can prevent damage to both the tree and your property, and actually encourages healthy growth.

Take care of your fences 

Take a walk around your garden inspecting fencing,  looking for loose panels and damaged support posts in particular. Securing and repairing fences before bad weather hits prevents damage to your garden.

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