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Nosey neighbours or local saviours?

Nosey neighbours or local saviours?

Lots of Britons have a strong sense of community and latest research shows that many are very trusting of their neighbours, even if they don’t know their names.

The research also shows, however, that there are still plenty of things people find annoying about those living next door.


Only on first name terms

Analysis from insurer Policy Expert reveals that almost nine-in-ten (86%) have enough confidence in their neighbours to rely on them to watch over their homes when they’re away.

This is even the case despite just over one-in-three (36%) saying they don’t know their neighbour’s full name.


One-third ‘don’t know their neighbour that well’

That Brits are quite so trusting is remarkable given that the research also indicates one-in-three (32%) say they ‘don’t know their neighbour that well’ and just over one-in-four (28%) only know their neighbour’s first name and ‘that’s about it’.

Most are obviously quite happy to rely on those who are clearly really just ‘acquaintances’. Only around one-in-seven (15%) identify themselves as being ‘close friends’ with their neighbours,  with one-in-two believing they know them only ‘fairly well’.

But such is the level of trust that just under one-in-three (30%) say they have given a spare key to a neighbour.


The things next-door nosey parkers notice

We might not know our neighbours particularly well, but we’re still very keen to have an idea about what’s going on over the fence.

Most neighbourhoods are full of nosey parkers, and one-in-four (25%) say they keep tabs on when their neighbour gets a new car.

Another one-in-five (18%) note when the neighbours leave for work and get home, which, although it’s possibly a little nosey, is certainly healthy for community security.

The same number (18%) notice when changes to a property next door are made.

Just over one-in-ten (11%) are vigilant over visits next door from ‘strangers’ which, again from a security perspective, is very useful.

Food deliveries are an increasing part of daily life in a community and around one-in-fourteen (7%) notice if one arrives at a neighbour’s house.


Brits biggest neighbour grievances revealed

It’s not all one big love-in between neighbours however. There are plenty of things many still find annoying about each other.

The most common complaint is over parking, with nearly one-in-twelve (8%) saying they sometimes find their neighbour blocking their driveway or parking on it.

Noise pollution is also an issue. The same number (8%) are annoyed by barking dogs and one-in-fourteen (7%) by other types of loud noise.

Other things which drive some householders mad about their neighbours include smoking (3%), late night parties (2%) and items being tossed over the fence (2%).

That’s not forgetting the small numbers that mention screaming kids, home renovations and taking parcel deliveries!



Policy Expert

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Published 22nd November 2018