Keep your boiler brilliant

Keep your boiler brilliant

Our central heating systems (usually!) enjoy a break over the summer. But when Autumn arrives, it’s time to start prepping our homes for the colder nights ahead. Because nobody wants a cold home due to a broken boiler. To make sure it’s in tip-top condition, follow these steps:

Get your heating on

First up, check your heating. Switch it on – you may need to turn your thermostat up to get it going. Then after 10-15 minutes, feel the top and bottom of your radiators to see if they’ve warmed up evenly.

Bleed your radiators

Is a radiator cooler at the top than the bottom? You’ve got air trapped in your radiators. These air pockets prevent the radiator from operating at capacity. Bleeding your radiators gets rid of the trapped air.

Check the pressure

Checking your boiler pressure can help you identify issues that could stop your boiler from working. Signs your boiler pressure is too high include:

• The pressure gauge has moved into the red section
• Water may be coming from the safety pipe located on the outside of the boiler

If your boiler pressure is too low, your pressure gauge will have fallen. You might not have any running hot water, either. If this happens, check your pipes for a leak.

Book a (regular) boiler service

Even if your boiler seems fine, problems can build up over time. Getting it serviced every year by a trusted or recommended tradesperson will ensure your boiler runs safely and efficiently. So, although it may seem like an additional expense, it could save you hundreds. Check whether servicing your boiler is required as part of your home insurance cover.