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Is your home covered in an emergency?

Is your home covered in an emergency?


Imagine arriving home from work one day to find you’ve locked yourself out and your friend who’s got the spare key is away on holiday for two weeks. Many people might go into a bit of a meltdown and not quite know what to do.

However, if you have decent home emergency cover, help should be on hand 24-hours a day.


What is home emergency cover?

Home emergency cover is there for the sort of events which, while unlikely, do occasionally happen and can make your life miserable.

Your boiler breaking down in mid-winter is the classic example, or storm damage destroying half your roof, or pipes backing up causing toilets to overflow.

Generally speaking, it covers you for things that can make a home unsafe or uninhabitable, cause serious damage and risk your health and wellbeing.


Help’s on hand

Advice and help is on hand usually via an insurer’s 24-hour hotline and the cover should provide rapid, direct service from companies such as Rentokil or PlumbingForce.

It pays for repairs and replacement items up to a certain value and usually for a specified number of times each year. Some policies also cover accommodation costs if you can’t remain in your home.


What’s the cost?

A decent policy should cost in the region of £15 to £20 a month, or more if you want really top level cover.


Would it suit all households?

Emergency cover isn’t for everyone. You might feel pretty handy when it comes to practical and DIY matters and think you can cope perfectly well with pretty much anything. But if you’ve got an elderly parent living with you, or kids, or just want the reassurance it brings, it can provide great peace of mind. We say it’s better to be save, than sorry.


What’s covered?

Here are the main areas where emergency cover could really help and without which some householders might struggle to cope:


Boiler and heating system breakdown

It’s not much fun if the boiler stops working when it’s minus five outside! It can also be a risk to health, especially for the elderly and very young. Immediate help should be provided.

Boilers and heating system emergencies are the number one cause of call outs for plumbers and can be expensive to fix. Emergency cover means you shouldn’t be without heating and hot water for long.


Security: Including locks and lost keys

Damage to locks, lost keys, broken windows or doors; basically, anything that threatens the security of a home is usually covered.


Electrical failure

If you have faulty electrics – fuses constantly tripping out so there’s no power, for example, or sparking sockets – it can be a danger to life. Emergency cover means you can get help fast.


Drains and plumbing

Burst and blocked pipes, broken toilets, stopcocks failing, badly leaking showers – all are included in decent policies, just make sure you read the small print.


Exterior of the home

If your home’s structure is damaged because of bad weather, such as due to high winds or torrential rain, and it affects your ability to live in it, emergency cover can help.

Note that the cover usually only provides for immediate repairs – it’s buildings insurance that puts things back to how they were, which comes with general home insurance.


Pest problems

Pest such as fleas, lice, rats, mice and wasps can all invade homes on mass, creating havoc and leaving you pleading for mercy. Luckily, whatever the pest, emergency cover should be able to help.



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Published 16th September 2019