How to protect your home when you’re away

How to protect your home when you’re away

Ah…summer holidays! We can’t wait. We’re as eager as many of you to enjoy a bit of sun, sea and sand. Sadly summer can also be a time for burglaries. Here are our tips to minimise the chances of a break-in.

Lock everything

Lots of burglaries actually happen through open doors and windows. So before you leave, go round your house and check that everything is shut and locked. Got more time? Have a think about whether any windows or doors might have old or weak locking systems. Night latches on doors and sash windows are the most vulnerable – could it be time for a security upgrade?

Give your neighbours a heads up

Friendly neighbours? Let them know when you’ll be away. This way, they’ll be on the look-out for anything unusual or suspicious. And if you’re away for a couple of weeks, they might be happy to cut your grass or clear away any post which is building up. This’ll give the impression someone is still coming and going.

Don’t show or tell the thieves your plans!

If you’re leaving early, it’s really tempting to pack your car the night before. But avoid doing this if you park on a road, or if your garage is clearly visible because it’ll be obvious that you’re about to go away. And don’t give too much away about your trip on social media. It’s tempting to post pictures of you flying or arriving abroad. But remember that this shows you’re definitely not at home.

Keep your home looking busy

We’re big fans of timer switches. They’re great at putting burglars off – especially at night.
Lights and radios can be set to come on at random times throughout the day or night, making it look like you’re still home.

When it comes to curtains, don’t close them all if you wouldn’t normally. If you can, consider leaving a few slightly open and pop a light with a timer switch in the gap. This will make the room look used, without illuminating an empty room to passers-by.

Don’t make your home look too tempting

Have you got anything valuable on show, like a big TV, an expensive-looking bike or piece of jewellery? If you can, move them elsewhere or cover them up. If you’ve got a shed, make sure it’s locked properly.

Another way to make your home less appealing is to install motion-sensing lights. It’s cheaper and easier than installing CCTV and it’s a good deterrent to night-time snoopers.

Those are our security tips for when you’re away – enjoy your break!