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How to keep your home in tip-top shape – the checklist

How to keep your home in tip-top shape – the checklist


If you spot anything in your home that’s leaking, broken or mouldy, you’ll no doubt want to fix them pretty quickly! And rightly so – if you don’t maintain a home properly things can start to go badly wrong.


Home maintenance checklist

There are a number of key tasks you should try to do every year, and even monthly, to keep your property in tip-top shape. Some things you might be able to do yourself, but others, such as servicing the boiler, you’ll most likely need a professional for.

It’s a good idea to create a maintenance checklist which, to an extent, reflects the demands of the seasons on a home.



– Walk around the house and look for signs of any damage caused by bad winter weather – cracks in render, wonky chimneys, missing tiles, sagging gutters, damp patches etc.

– Check chimney ‘cowls’ – wire nets – are firmly in place to prevent birds from nesting. Or get some fitted, if you haven’t any already.

– Look in the loft for any signs of water entering, and animals such as squirrels and rats.

– Clean out gutters, and sweep up leaves and debris, especially from around drainage covers and access points.

– Look for flaking/cracking paintwork and putty around windows, and patch up if necessary.

– Air bricks, which help prevent damp, should be kept clear of debris.



– Clean patios, paths and decking thoroughly.

– Weed, weed and weed again! Weeds can cause major damage to a property’s structure.

– Carry out any major repairs needed to windows, doors, fascias and fencing while the weather’s better.

– Get your boiler serviced each summer, while plumbers aren’t in such demand! It helps prevent costly breakdowns.

– Repoint mortar in walls that is crumbling and missing to stop water damage.


Autumn/early winter

– Go around the house bleeding radiators to ensure they function properly.

– Clean gutters of leaves and debris, along with drainage points.

– Check insulation is in place on pipes that are in exposed places, such as lofts and outbuildings.

– Clean any garden furniture and store it away.

– Make sure air bricks are clear – like you may have done in the Spring.

– Check smoke, carbon monoxide and security alarms are working.

– Locks on windows and door should be checked and fixed if necessary.

– Trim back any overhanging trees and bushes.

– Pin down any large garden items such as trampolines and climbing frames.

– Regularly check the outside of your property throughout the winter and remedy failing fencing, roof tiles etc.



– Clean tumble drier filters.

– Top up salt in dishwashers.

– Check the water pressure in your boiler.

– Ventilate rooms that aren’t used very often to prevent mould and damp build up.



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