How to have a sizzling but safe BBQ

How to have a sizzling but safe BBQ

There are lots of things us Brits like to disagree on, but almost all of us love a BBQ. So whether you’re a king or queen of the grill or it’s your first time with the tongs, here are our tips to make your barbecuing season safe and accident-free.

Getting started

First up, find the safest place for your barbecue or firepit. Set it up on a level surface, far from buildings, fences and plants – trees and hedges included. Steer clear of sheds, tents or gazebos, too – especially if it’s windy. And don’t be tempted to ever BBQ under cover – or even in the entrance – of tents or gazebos. Yes, even if it’s pouring with rain!

If you’ve got a disposable barbecue, remember that the bottom can get really hot so always use it on surfaces that aren’t flammable, like your patio or on bricks. Place firepits on a hard surface unless you’re digging it into the ground, in which case make sure there’s a fire-break area of soil around it.

Finally, think about what you’re wearing if you’re in charge of the barbecue. It may be a sunny day, but don’t wear anything too loose or with big sleeves which might catch fire.

Lighting up!

Now you’ve got your set up sorted, it’s time to light up.

Firelighters are by far your safest option for barbecues and firepits. It’s best to avoid flammable liquids like petrol, paraffin or lighter fuel. If your barbecue runs on gas, make sure the cylinder is turned off before you change it. And check for gas leaks by brushing soapy water on the pipe and watching to see if bubbles appear.

If you’ve got young children or pets, always keep them away from open fires. Remember that pets, especially dogs, are easy to trip over, especially if they’ve appeared at the smell of food! To be absolutely safe, it’s best to keep animals indoors, out of harm’s way.

Finally, a safe option is to have a bucket of sand or water close to hand, in case of emergencies. And never leave a fire unattended! Things can happen quickly, so always make sure someone is present.

Winding down

The barbecue may be over but don’t bin your ashes or briquettes until they’ve cooled.
Remember that ashes can stay hot for several days after the fire is over, so give them time.

So there you have it, our tips for safe barbecuing. Follow them and grill with confidence!