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How to have a hassle-free house move

How to have a hassle-free house move

 As anyone who’s done it knows, moving home can be extremely stressful. There’s so much to organise; from changing your details with local councils and banks, to sorting out new schools for kids and booking removal firms.

The key is to prepare well in advance. Here’s a countdown-checklist to help you keep problems, and panic, to a minimum:


Six weeks before moving day

  • If you’re buying your new home, make sure you have arranged insurance to start from the day you exchange contracts (not the day you move in).
  • If you’re leaving rented accommodation, give your landlord notice.
  • Book any necessary storage facilities if required.
  • Get quotes from moving companies, and check they’ve got the right insurance. Book the best for your needs.
  • Inform utility and broadband companies.
  • If you have children, make sure all relevant schools are informed.


Four weeks before

  • Now’s the time to change your address with all the necessary organisations and companies; from banks and utility providers, to internet companies and any clubs and committees you belong to.
  • Tell your council you’re moving for council tax purposes.
  • Complete the moving form on the Government’s electoral register site.
  • Inform your doctor and dentist.
  • Register your mobile phone to your new address from the date you move in.


Two weeks before

  • Sort out the forwarding of your post with the Royal Mail. This is a fairly crucial security measure.
  • Start packing! Packing can take longer than you think.
  • Inform family and friends of your new address.
  • Check everything is sorted with your removal company and check any access issues at your new address.
  • Cancel any local deliveries you may have, such as for milk and newspapers.
  • Sort out the timings of moving day. Most house purchases involved a switch over around 1pm.


One week before

  • This week should be spent double checking with all parties, from gas and electricity companies, to estate agents and removal firms that everything is in place, plus any last minute packing.


Two to three days before

  • Make sure everything’s packed, except for essentials.
  • Start moving anything you want to store into your arranged storage space if you can.
  • Empty kitchen cupboards, clean out the fridge and defrost the freezer.
  • Get all your important documents together.
  • Get all your keys together and inform the estate agent or your home’s buyer, if necessary, where you’ll be leaving them.
  • Do your laundry, especially if you have kids, as it’ll help reduce the chaos the first few days you’re in your new home.


One day before

  • Finish off all the packing and make sure everything is as easily as accessible as possible for the removal company.
  • Work out the logistics of the day and work backwards so you know what time to set alarms for in the morning!
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged, it come in very handy.


Moving day

  • Make it clear to your movers which items you want them to take extra care with, and what to move first.
  • Do a ‘walk-through’ of your home as a final check you’re taking everything.
  • Take meter readings of electricity and gas.
  • Now move… and say hello to your new home!

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Published 26 January 2018