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Six ways to beat lockdown cabin fever

Six ways to beat lockdown cabin fever


Here at Policy Expert we realise that whether you live alone or with a partner, being stuck at home during the current coronavirus lockdown could be challenging.

One of the main problems with being cooped up inside all day is simply filling all the extra hours you might suddenly find yourself with.

So, as we often provide tips on looking after the home, we thought we’d also give you seven ideas on how to stay occupied while being inside yours:


  1. Stick to a routine


We humans are creatures of habit, and often happiest – or at least reasonably content – when following a routine of some sort.

This will vary hugely, of course, depending on the individual. But whether it’s when you eat, exercise, work, play with the kids or practice a skill, sticking to a routine can give you daily goals and targets – as well as help make things feel more ‘normal’.


  1. Good old-fashioned games


It might seem a bit old-school, but playing games in the ‘real world’ is a great way to pass the time with friends and family. And is also excellent for bonding with children.

You could dig out an old Monopoly or Risk set, or play cards or backgammon. Perhaps buy a table-tennis table, or mini-snooker set. If you live alone, you’ll find versions of many ‘old’ games online, to play remotely with friends.


  1. Stay connected


Talking to someone who’s outside your immediate home ‘bubble’ can be of major benefit mentally – both to you and them, especially if they’re isolating alone

There are plenty of ways to do so using ‘face-to-face’ online services such as Facetime, Zoom and WhatsApp. Or simply pick up the phone!


  1. Keep moving


From going for a good long walk to following exercise guru Joe Wick’s YouTube channel from your living room, being active is so important during this time.

It’s proven to help with both mental and physical health, so get moving now!


  1. Follow a hobby using the internet


The internet is of huge benefit when it comes to existing hobbies or doing something new.

You might want to learn to play a musical instrument, start sewing, join a virtual choir such as Gareth Malone’s National Choir!, or maintain your weekly book club with friends. Whatever your passion, there’s nearly always help online.


  1. Start a home project


You might currently be desperate to get out of it, but improving the living space you’re in can certainly be a great way of keeping occupied!

If you’re lucky enough to own where you live, you could redecorate rooms, spring clean, convert the garage or create an amazing garden, for example. Focusing on a home project can be hugely rewarding and fill up lots of your time.