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How selfies could put your home at risk

How selfies could put your home at risk

Beware the holiday selfie if you don’t want to put your home and possessions at risk while you’re away!

Millions of Brits head off throughout the year, either to somewhere abroad or within the UK.  But even though it’s well-known that some burglars target homes through online ‘clues’, many people still post pictures of their holiday antics and make status updates while they’re away.

Burglars given online clues

The insurer’s figures show that almost one-in-five (18%) admit that they use social media to show off where they are, what they’ve eaten and how many places they’ve visited during their break.

680,000 homes burgled while owners away

This is despite the statistics showing that 680,000 households have been burgled while the owners have been away (extrapolated from Office for National Statistics figures).

Another one-in-eight even give advance warning to friends and followers online, giving thieves plenty of time to plan their break in.

Common entry points used by thieves

Policy Expert warns those going away to be vigilant and reveals the most common ways burglars gain access to a property, with the downstairs window being the most ‘popular’ route, used in 36% of break ins, followed by the back door (23%) and locks that have been tampered with (13%).

Break in avoidance

The research also shows that, sensibly, some householders take relatively simple steps to help make it more difficult for would-be thieves.

Over two-thirds (71%) let neighbours know they’re going away and ask them to keep an eye on things and one-in-three actually ask them to pop in from time to time to make checks.

Almost half (49%) put both indoor and outdoor lights on timers – a proven burglar deterrent – and similar numbers deliberately leave a car in the driveway, if they have one.

A good number have burglar alarms, with almost one-in-three (30%) making sure they leave theirs on when they go.

Policy Expert

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Published 24th April 2019