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How much will you spend this wedding season?

How much will you spend this wedding season?

Brits splashed £7.6bn attending weddings in the last year

If you’re going to a wedding, working out how much to spend on the happy couple can be tricky.

Not only have you got to reflect on how close your relationship is and what that’s ‘worth’, but also take into account how much the attending the event is going to cost you and what that means you can afford.

Wedding-goers spend £300

Latest research from insurer Policy Expert shows that wedding-goers spend an average of £300 seeing their friends and relatives tie the knot.

That includes what’s splashed out on gifts, outfits, travel, accommodation and food and drink.

As nearly half of all Brits, over 25million people, have been to one wedding or more in the last 12 months, it means a whopping £7.6billion was spent collectively by those in attendance.

Some spend £600 to £1,000

While nearly one-in-three (30%) went to one wedding, just under one-in-eight (13%) attended two, thereby spending an average of £600 on wedding-associated costs over the year.

A small but significant number (6%) actually managed to squeeze in three, shelling out an average of nearly £1,000 in the process.

Don’t forget the hen and stag party…

While those sums might make some wince, pity those who also attended stag and hen parties prior to the nuptials, adding an extra £252, on average, to their total spend.

Total gift spend

We Brits appear to be fairly generous when it comes to the amount spent on the main wedding gift.

The average spent is £59, while a good number, just over one-in-twelve (8%), throw an average of £100 at the gift ‘problem’.

Those bit more involved in proceedings than most, such as bridesmaids and best men, clearly feel the need to ‘show’ greater affection by spending more on a gift, averaging £91.

Most popular gifts: cash is king!

The simple-but-effective – and possibly the best received! – gift of cash is most popular, given by four-in-ten (40%).

Next are those who opt for the easy life (27%) and choose from the pre-approved gift list, while almost one-in-five (19%) buy gift vouchers.

Some (5%) are more adventurous – or brave – giving something they think is funny or a little quirky. We don’t know if the brides and grooms thought the same.

Others very thoughtfully give something handmade (5%) and a smaller number (4%) go for the relatively easy wine or bubbly option.

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Published 19 February 2019