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How does your garden grow?

How does your garden grow?

Experts estimate that creating a lovely garden can add between 5% and 10% to the value of a home.

So it’s perhaps no surprise that in a property obsessed nation like the UK the average householder spends £419 each year on their outside space, new research shows.


Around £25,000 over an adult’s lifetime

That’s more than the annual cost of most broadband and TV packages, and adds up to around £25,000 over someone’s adult life.

And a large number of people spend even more. Insurer Policy Expert’s survey found that almost half (49%) bought plants, sheds, water features and other items worth up to £1,000 every 12 months to help keep their gardens spruced up.


Some spend £60,000

Another one-in-ten (10%) really go to town, splashing out more than £1,000.

Again, over the average homeowner’s lifetime, that’s more than £60,000, which is some really serious moolah.


Gardens are thief-magnets

Gardens can be thief-magnets however, especially in the summer months, with outbuildings often all-to-easy to get into, and expensive paraphernalia being sometimes left out.

It helps to explain why many householders take some serious protection measures.


Most popular security measures

Fencing is the most popular security measure, with over three-quarters (82%) saying they’ve had it installed.

Almost two-in-three (60%) have fitted outdoor motion-sensitive lighting, which is a proven way of putting off burglars.

Over one-in-two (55%) have added locked gates, while just under one-in-three (31%) grow tall hedges and plants.

Just over one-in-four (27%) rely on man’s best friend and have bought a dog to scare intruders away.

One-in-ten (9%) have taken perhaps the most serious security measure by installing CCTV, while one-in-twelve (8%) have opted for an alarm system.

Only one-in-twenty five (4%) don’t feel they need to take any additional garden security measures.


Popular garden items

Among the most popular garden items people own include garden furniture (75%), sheds (63%) and BBQs (43%).

Next most common are garden décor such as ornaments including gnomes and lighting (32%), water features (18%), sports equipment (16%), kids toys (15%), fire pits/chimneys (14%), hot tubs (2%) and expensive fish such as Koi carp (2%).



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Published 19th June 2018