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Homeowners hugely underestimate plumber charges

Homeowners hugely underestimate plumber charges


Leakages of water are one of the most common causes of damage to property in the UK, and fixing the problem usually doesn’t come cheap.

Whether they’re English, Polish, or from wherever, you’d have thought that, by now, most people are aware plumbers can be shockingly expensive.

Most homeowners totally underestimate plumber bills

But the latest research from insurer Policy Expert shows that the majority of homeowners still hugely underestimate what they might be charged. It explains why many conversations between property owners include a surprised “How much?” followed by some sort of expletive!

The figures show that well over half (54%) totally under-estimate how much plumbers usually charge per hour.

The UK average is between £60 and £100, depending on where you live (unsurprisingly, it’s more in central London than Glasgow). However, one-in-ten (10%) get it wrong by at least 50%, believing the hourly cost is between £10 and £30.

Another large minority, just over one-in-four (28%), think the price should be £31 to £50.

Only one-in-three in the right ball park

The one-in-three (34%) that estimated the figure in the right ball park of between £60 and £100 will probably grumble, but accept that the price as ‘fair’.

Some must be pleasantly surprised!

Others, however, must be quite pleased with the bill as one-in-nine (11%) think it could cost anywhere from £101 to £200 per hour.

Many attempt to fix leaks themselves

When leakages of water in the home are so common, it’s perhaps no surprise that over one-in-three (38%) have actually experienced one.

Just under forty percent (39%) would call a plumber out, but one-in-four (25%) are willing to take the risk and try and fix the leak themselves, possibly scared off by cost.

Nearly all know where the stopcock is

Fortunately, the vast majority of householders are at least able to stop the leakage from getting any worse as 95% say they know where the home’s stopcock is.

Another one-in-nine (11%) must have some handy mates as they would phone-a-friend to ask for assistance.


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Published 26th March 2018