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Gnome ownership goes crazy with thousands spent on gardens

Gnome ownership goes crazy with thousands spent on gardens

Garden gnomes are much-loved among British gardeners. So much so, in fact, that it was only a few years ago that the famous Chelsea Flower Show lifted its gnome-ban, having previously considered the little figurines too tacky.

With the annual Chelsea show coming up at the end of May, gnomes will feature prominently and latest figures from insurer Policy Expert show just how popular they’ve become.

Gnome ownership goes hand in hand with home ownership

According to Policy Expert’s research, gnome ownership has reached an average of 5 per household.

There are plenty of cheap garden gnomes about, but with some costing hundreds or even thousands of pounds, it’s wise for consumers to ensure they have the right insurance for gnome ownership as well as home ownership.

Many home insurance policies include cover for possessions kept in gardens, sheds, garages and other outside space (often only if locked away, however). But many don’t, so householders should check with their insurer to make sure if they want their gardens protected too.

Many wouldn’t tell police about gnome theft

Even though theft of a gnome is just like any other theft, only 14% of those surveyed by Policy Expert would report the taking of one to the police.

Almost a third (29%) say they wouldn’t because they think the police wouldn’t take it seriously.

What Brits spend on their gardens

Along with buying gnomes to display in gardens, Brits are spending considerable sums on maintaining their outside spaces.

The average homeowner shells out £277 on their gardens each year, or just over £5 a week. It might not sound much, but it’s about the same as a small home’s electricity bill, and adds up to £8,300 over a 30-year lifetime of gardening.

Most popular garden items

As you’d expect, the most popular garden items homeowners spend money on are plants (87%), closely followed by garden furniture (83%).

Next in the top-five comes garden tools (62%), lawnmowers (62%) and garden décor such as gnomes (46%).

Other common expenditure includes water features (25%), kids’ toys (16%), expensive fish such as Koi carp (3%) and hot tubs (2%).

Garden security very common

Many people don’t feel their gardens are particularly secure places, however, and the often take security precautions to protect them.

Such measures include fencing (83%), outdoor lighting (61%), locked gates (55%) and tall hedges and other plants (41%).

Others choose to have a dog (25%), install motion detectors (19%), alarms (11%) or even CCTV (8%).

Only 5% feel they don’t need to take any security measures whatsoever.

Policy Expert

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Published 15 May 2017