Bring the festival vibes to you

Bring the festival vibes to you

Missed out on Glastonbury this year? Fear not.
Let the festival vibes come to you by creating your very own ‘Glasto in your garden’ party with our tips:

The Joy of Decs

Set the mood with festival decorations – we’re thinking bunting, fairy lights and paper lanterns to create the right atmosphere.

Block Rockin’ Beats

Want to relive the sounds of Dolly Parton in the Legends slot? Create a Glasto playlist featuring all your fave artists that have graced the festival over the years.

Star Performer

Is there a secret rock god out there? Go full-on and encourage live music performances by family, friends or neighbours.

Grub’s Up

Offer festival-inspired food like burgers, nachos, wraps, or wood-fired pizzas. Yum. And no long food truck queues, either! Result.


Create comfy seating areas with cushions, bean bags and blankets for a cosy vibe.

Festival chic

Encourage guests to embrace the festival spirit by suggesting a dress code. We’re talking tie-die, country chic, anything with fringes and a hint of glitter! Wellies are a must!

Let’s go outside

Create an outdoor cinema area where you can screen live performances of Glastonbury over the weekend.

Go Green

Glastonbury is big on sustainability and environmental awareness. Encourage eco-friendly practices at your garden party, such as using biodegradable plates and cutlery.

Remember, it’s always better to be safe whatever garden event you’re planning.

From BBQs to bonfires, here are our top 5 fire safety tips:

Keep your distance

Make sure there’s enough space between seating areas and the fire. Keep flammable items like furniture and decorations well away from heat.

Be prepared

Have a fire extinguisher on hand in case of emergencies. Make sure it’s suitable for extinguishing different types of fires, such as wood and flammable liquids.

Don’t be a fire starter

If you plan to use a portable grill or barbecue, ensure it is placed on a stable, non-flammable surface away from structures, trees, or anything that can catch fire.

Keep an eye out

Never leave a fire unattended; especially if there are children or pets around. Always have someone responsible on hand to supervise.

Earth, Wind and Fire

Check weather conditions before starting a fire. Avoid having a fire during windy conditions, as it can easily spread out of control..