Get your boiler and plumbing winter-ready

Get your boiler and plumbing winter-ready

With winter approaching, you’ll want your home to be warm and cosy. So we’ve pulled together some advice on how to keep your boiler and plumbing in tip-top condition.

If you have our Home Emergency cover, we’re here to help if things go wrong. But it’s still important to make sure everything is still running smoothly.

Service your boiler and thermostats

Boilers are like cars; to keep them in peak condition they need regular servicing. Our Home Emergency Cover requires that your boiler is serviced every 15 months (or more often if the manufacturer recommends it). Get your thermostatic radiator valves checked out too; faults can affect the heat output of your radiators.

Replace old boilers

Old boilers are typically less efficient than newer models. This can add to your heating bills and be at a greater risk of breaking down. Our Home Emergency Select cover only applies to boilers less than 15 years old. So check the age of your boiler and replace it if it’s getting past its best. It’ll save you in the long term.

Bleed and maintain your radiators

If any of your radiators are cold at the top but hot at the bottom, it’s likely there’s air trapped inside. This will mean they don’t heat up properly, leaving you a bit chilly and potentially wasting money. Bleeding radiators is quick and simple. There are plenty of guides online that will have you warmed up in no time.

Toilets and Basins

Okay, so your loo and sink are important all year round! But the last thing you need is a problem in winter! Avoid any toilet blockages by putting only flushable items down there. And try to avoid flushing down too much in one go. Go easy on the toilet paper! Regular cleaning is also recommended to keep pipes clear and trouble free.

Looking after your boiler and plumbing won’t just keep you warm, it may save you time and money. So get yourself winter-ready before the temperature drops!