Floods: How to Protect Your Home

Floods coming? Find out how to protect your home

Following A Flood – Contacting Your Insurer

If your home has been flooded and you have no other option than to make a claim the first thing you must do is call you insurer to log your claim and seek advice. Damage caused to the building itself will be covered under your buildings policy, while your possessions will be covered by your contents policy.

Being able to provide an accurate and informed assessment to your insurer can be very helpful when it comes to making a claim so before you call make sure you have assessed the situation. If you have a clear idea of the required repairs most insurers will give you the option of arranging the repairs yourself, however, always make sure your insurer has approved the work before you commission a builder.

If the damage is significant the insurer may wish to send out a loss adjuster. Most companies plan to carry out inspections within 24 hours, but where there has been widespread devastation it may take a little longer.

How to flood proof your home

Move electrical sockets above the line. Axa claims director David Williams says: “We see homes which are flooded each year, and every time the downstairs has to be completely rewired. This can be avoided by positioning all electrics and power-point etc. above the flood line.

Drains Can Be A Major Problem

Fit non-returnable valves on your drains. These can cost between a few hundred and a few thousand pounds. Association of British Insurers spokesman Malcolm Tarling says: “Drains can be a major problem, with much flooding caused by sewage surging back up. This can be the most distressing form of water infiltration. If it is possible to fit any kind of valve to prevent sewage surges, it is money well spent.”

Airbrick covers and door guards can be bought at DIY stores, and easily fitted in an emergency. These will keep water out of your home. Make sure you know where electricity and water mains are located so you can switch them off in an emergency

What do you do if water is heading your way:

Ensure Your Valuable Documentation Is Safe Where Possible

Ensure all import documentation is moved to a safe place above the flood line. This may include Passports, Driving documentation, Bank, mortgage and credit card details as well as any other precious items.

Turn off all utilities, Gas, Water and electricity. Make sure all electrical items are moved upstairs.

Gather Evidence In Case You need To Make An Insurance Claim

If possible take as many photographs as you can before the flood hits, this will help you provide evidence when you make a claim for buildings insurance, or for your possessions, and remind you what you have lost.

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