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Five useful hi-tech gadgets for the home

Five useful hi-tech gadgets for the home

Hi-tech gadgets for the modern home are great for those who want to streamline their lives, and can be money-savers at the same time. Here are five of the best:

Smart thermostat: Nest 200

Smart thermostats, such as the Nest 200, talk wirelessly to your boiler and allow you to adjust your heating and hot water from anywhere you like using your smartphone. The Nest switches automatically to energy-saving ‘away’ mode when everyone’s out. You can programme a heating schedule, or the 200 will do so automatically after monitoring your heating needs immediately after installation. It will email you an energy summary and give prompts for how to use your heating system more energy-efficiently.

Vacuuming: Dyson 360 Eye vacuum cleaner

Beware, the robo-vacs are coming! Not that most will be complaining. One of the best ‘robot’ vacuums is the compact, circular Dyson 360. Simple to use, with one on/off button, it automatically glides round rooms sucking up the dust and dirt, navigating around obstacles and then returning to its starting position. It has decent suction capability (think smaller hand-held vacuums) and can be controlled via an app to vacuum whenever you like.

Washing: Bosch Washing Machine

Clothes washing is the bane of most parents’ lives, so for many it’s a case of the easier the better. The Bosch 849 allows you to set the machine going while you’re at work, or playgroup perhaps, using a downloadable app. You’re able to time it so that clothes don’t sit for too long after the spin cycle and are ready for drying when you arrive home. The machine senses the load size, fabric type and how dirty the clothes are and dispenses the right amount of washing liquid so you don’t have to.

Refrigeration: Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge-Freezer

It might be expensive, but Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge-Freezer the dream for those who hate shopping and are energy-conscious. There’s a large 21.5inch screen on the exterior door which lets you watch TV, leave notes, display a calendar, pin photos and even order food. It also allows you to see inside the fridge via cameras inside, so you don’t need to open the door when searching for dinner. You can also do so remotely via your smartphone; useful for seeing if you need to go shopping after work. It can also tell you what food you’re running low on, which you can then order from the screen via certain delivery companies.

Security: The IQ Nest

For many, security is the number one priority in the home and the IQ Nest takes it up to the next level. It provides high quality footage, even at night, which it can beam to your smartphone or tablet and alert you with instant snapshots. Very cleverly, the IQ Nest zooms in on anyone crossing its field of vision (great if evidence is needed later!) using 4k resolution for high-quality imagery. It’s pre-programmable, and can provide audio alerts for when the dog barks or there’s a load bang, for example. Additionally, a speaker and microphone allow you to communicate with your home, potentially scaring away intruders.

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Published 20 December 2017