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Time to splash out on a new bathroom?

Time to splash out on a new bathroom?

With many people working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, lots of householders are finding they’ve got more time on their hands, and that they’re saving money too!

If you’re finding that’s the case, why not use the extra hours to improve the space you’re spending so much time in?

Beautiful bathrooms boost a home’s value

One way of enhancing your home life could be to splash out on a new bathroom, which could also boost your home’s worth.

In fact, property magazine Ideal Home suggests a lovely new bathroom could add around 5% to your home’s market price.  That’s a boost of around £15,000 to a £300,000 home.

How much does a new bathroom cost?

It varies hugely, but suggests a mid-range bathroom costs around £3,800 to fit, and a luxury bathroom £7,400.

Planning a new bathroom

As with many home improvement projects, the key to successfully creating a gorgeous new bathroom lies mainly in the planning.

Here’s a checklist of things you should consider before organising the work:

  1. What’s your goal? – Ask yourself what you want from your bathroom. Relaxing or invigorating? For the family or you? Form or function?
  1. Work out your budget – Your budget is, of course, crucial. Should you go for low, mid-range or high-end products? One trick for achieving a ‘deluxe’ finish for less is to match cheaper larger items with quality ‘finishings’, such as taps and tiles.  It’s amazing the difference this could make!
  1. Get inspired – what’s your style? – Period, classic or contemporary? It’s a good idea to visit bathroom showrooms and look at lots of pictures online for inspiration.
  1. Be realistic about the space – Bathrooms are often quite small spaces, but with some inspiration and planning, it’s surprising what you can achieve in such a small area – has some good examples here.
  1. Don’t forget ventilation – It’s often overlooked, but good ventilation is crucial if you don’t want damp and other issues down the road. Simply opening a window often isn’t enough.
  1. What about storage and surface space? – Plenty of bathrooms look great but have nowhere to hang, place and store things. Think hard about the practicalities of actually using your bathroom: you’ll thank yourself in time.
  1. Tiling and flooring are crucial – The surfaces of your bathroom are crucial, both for practical reasons – too slippy? Waterproof enough? –  and aesthetic ones. Nice tiles are often worth paying a bit more for, as is good flooring.