Firework safety tips

Firework safety tips

To make sure any family firework displays go off with the safest possible bang, here are some essential tips:

Source your fireworks carefully

Only buy fireworks that carry the ‘CE’ industry standard safety mark.  Instructions on ‘CE’ marked fireworks are usually clearly laid out. It’s important to follow exactly what they tell you to do.

Light your fireworks safely

Matches can sometimes be erratic – for examples the heads sometimes fly off when struck – and cigarette lighters contain flammable lighter fuel.  So it’s best to light fireworks using a taper of some sort, at arm’s length so you’re a good distance away.

Keep away from anything that may set alight

Avoid setting fireworks off near fences or any other flammable materials, as this is a major fire risk.  Be sure to soak both spent and unused fireworks in water for a few hours before discarding. Don’t be tempted to throw them straight in the bin as there is a high risk that the bin could melt or catch fire.  This also applies to sparklers too.

A few final things

  • Returning to a firework because it hasn’t gone off, isn’t safe, so steer clear. Wait at least ten minutes, don’t try and relight it, and then put it in a bucket of water.
  • It goes without saying, but children and pets should be kept well away from any fireworks and remain supervised at all times.
  • Stay within the boundaries of your home, as it’s illegal to set fireworks off in a public place such as the streets outside, or the local park.