Don’t forget your garden this winter

Your garden needs attention in the winter months too, and not preparing it properly could be the difference between needing to make a claim or not. Make sure your garden is prepared for winter with our handy check-list.

Things to check in your garden:

  • Trim overhanging trees – The branches of trees can cause major damage to roofs in storms and high winds. Cut them back if they overhang your property.
  • Check your outbuildings – As with the structure of your house, check your outbuildings like your sheds, garages and barns too. Check the structure and the roof the same as you would with your main property.
  • Take care of your fences – Walk around your garden inspecting fencing, looking for loose panels and damaged support posts. Secure and repair fences before bad weather hits.
  • Check your outdoor lighting too – Make sure outdoor lighting is switched off when you go out, and is connected to a suitable outdoor power source and not an indoor extension lead.
  • Put plants in pots away – Move and delicate plants, and untreated pots into sheds and greenhouses. Cover any vegetables to protect them from frost.
  • Guttering and drains – Clear your guttering and drains of any debris such as leaves, mud and stones; they can block easily and freeze up.
  • Check grass and patios for poor drainage – If any areas in your garden are notorious for poor drainage, try digging small ditches

Taking just a few small precautions mean you avoid a disaster in your garden this winter.

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