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Daylight savings leaves millions at greater risk of burglary

Daylight savings leaves millions at greater risk of burglary


Although millions of commuters will arrive home in the dark next week after the clocks go back on Sunday, many don’t take any precautions to offset the higher risk of burglary, latest figures reveal.

One-in-four take no extra security measures

As the nights draw in, statistics show the risk of being burgled increases.

Yet research by insurer Policy Expert indicates that while UK workers get home at an average time of 5.09pm, one-in-four (23%) don’t do anything to improve their home’s security during the winter months.

And a similar number (28%) leave their property dark and vulnerable for even longer, getting back later than 6pm.

Worried workers

It causes stress in the population as many say they worry about leaving their homes empty after dark while they’re still at work.

Just over one-in-seven (14%) admit it concerns them because of the potential for burglary, while another one-in-five (19%) ‘try not to think about it’.

Popular anti-theft measures: From security lighting to leaving work early

While there are those that, for whatever reason, don’t try to boost their home’s safety, plenty of others sensibly take precautions.

As British Summer Time ends, almost four-in-ten (39%) set lights on timers and the same number (39%) install extra security lighting.

Almost one-in-three (31%) close the curtains before leaving for work and another one-in-six (18%) leave the TV or radio on. Around one-in-eight (12%) improve their locks, while around one-in-twenty (6%) upgrade their home’s alarm system.

Some go to the lengths of deliberately coming home from work early (9%) so that they’re in the property as night falls.

Existing strategies include man’s best friend and Neighbourhood Watch

Many already have burglar-deterrent strategies in place before the clocks go back, Policy Experts statistics show.

Two-in-three (69%) have external lighting fitted to their homes.

Another one-in-two (49%) say their properties have ‘tall fences’ and four-in-ten have well-positioned plants and hedges.

Man’s best friend is prominent in the list of ‘security measures’, with one-in-three (34%) saying they keep a dog at home.

Almost the same number (32%) rely on burglar alarms while a strongly community-minded one-in-six (17%) belong to a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

A significant number (16%), but perhaps not as many as you might think given the availability of the technology, have installed security cameras.

Low spending on security

Although many fear burglary, the sums spent on security aren’t particularly high.

Just over one-in-three (36%) spend up to £100 and almost one-in-five (19%) between £101 and £250. Only one-in-six (16%) spend from £501 to £750.



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Published 24th October 2018