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Counting the cost of stormy weather

Counting the cost of stormy weather

Winter is almost upon us and with bad weather events becoming ever more extreme due to climate change, the chances of storm damage to property is increasing.

Latest figures from Policy Expert show that the average insurance claim for the effects of terrible weather stands at £641, with it often being much higher.

Fortunately, the research shows that many Brits sensibly take precautions to protect their homes, reducing the risk of needing to claim which can significantly push up annual premiums.


The most popular home protection measures

Damage prevention partly involves the regular maintenance of a home, which the vast majority of householders appear to understand as just over three-quarters (78%) get their boiler and heating systems checked.

Another two-thirds (65%) prevent guttering and drains from clogging up by clearing them of debris such as leaves, mud and stones.

Plummeting temperatures are always a threat to property, so two-thirds also (65%) crank up the central heating to help avoid pipes from freezing and bursting.

Insulating exposed pipes and water tanks with lagging is another sensible way of avoiding potential disaster and almost half (44%) of householders do just that.

High winds and lashing rain can damage roof tiles, allowing water to pour in and damaging property or even people down below. Fortunately, just over two-in-five (41%) clamber up ladders or get a tradesperson in to check for any cracked, loose or missing ones.

Dealing with dripping taps is another relatively easy way to avoid costly work during or after a cold snap and just under one-in-three (30%) fix any they find around the home.


One-in-ten claim for over £2,000

Claims on home cover understandably shoot up in the winter months and Policy Expert’s figures show that over one-in-ten (11%) have made a claim due to the effects of bad weather for more than £2,000.

The average claim is for £641, while for nearly one-in-eight (13%) it’s between £1,000 and £2,000.

Policy holders must pay the excess on any claim, as well as losing their no-claims bonus and being seen as a higher risk by insurers, pushing up the cost of annual premiums. So measures to protect a home before winter hits are well worth it.


Most common types of weather-damage

The most common claim by far is for roof tiles breaking and falling off (50%).

Damage caused to sheds and other outbuildings is the next most common cause of claims (9%), followed by burst water pipes (6%) in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, and flooding (6%).

Windows are sometimes broken due to bad weather (4%) and uprooted trees are the cause of claims for one-in-fifty (2%).

Damage to garden furniture and ornaments or water features leads to claims for one-in-one hundred (1%).



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Published 23rd November 2018