Best gazebos for the summer

We’re in for a long, hot summer, if some of the experts’ weather predictions are to be believed.Garden Gazebo

But are you prepared? A gazebo could be just the thing you need to help keep off the sun when you’re outside and don’t want to burn.

75% chance of hottest ever summer?

Science news site LiveScience recently reported a team of German scientists saying they were 75% sure this summer would be the hottest on record.

If this were to happen, the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK of 38.5 degrees centigrade could be topped, and heat waves occur where the thermometer rarely drops below 30 (and don’t forget, ‘highest’ temperatures are always recorded in the shade!).

Whether you have a lovely long green garden, a small yard, rooftop terrace or large balcony, it could be hard to sit out in it if it really does get that hot.

Gazebos beat parasols for shade

A traditional way of keeping cool in summer heat is by sitting or lying below a parasol of some sort. However, the shade parasols cast generally leaves gaps around the edges and the way they’re fixed mean parasols can be easily whipped up into the air by the wind.

Another increasingly popular option of creating greater and more elegant shade cover is with gazebos.

Historically, ‘gazebos’ include more permanent structures such as garden follies and pergolas, but in recent years, easily-erectable modern versions have been sold under the catch-all name ‘gazebo’ (pronounced ‘gaze-bow’ if you want to appear posh, or a little daft!).

Cheap or expensive, you choose

Versatile and elegant (if you pay enough), you can spend as little as £16 in IKEA for a cheap-looking, plastic version, or hundreds more for those of the canvas and steel variety.

They can come with open sides as well as closable curtains, doors and drapes to fully shield from the sun, air vents and windows.

The cheaper, more flimsy ones on offer tend to be less well-secured and therefore vulnerable if it’s windy. The more expensive have steal or wood structures and can be bolted into the ground.

Here are 5 of our favourites, ranging from the cheap to the more expensive and luxurious. They’re chosen for their sturdiness and value, as well as sun-protection capabilities:

  • Greenfingers pop-up gazebo, £59.99

Even though it’s designed to expand straight from the bag it’s contained in, for just £59.99 the Greenfingers pop-up gazebo is still relatively sturdy, with a steel frame and full side panels which feature a nice ‘church’ window.

  • The Karlso, Ikea, £90

The Karlso comes with a sturdy steel frame, has great shade coverage with thick fabric that blocks 97% of ultraviolet light.

  • Kingfisher heavy duty garden gazebo, £125

This is a great value gazebo from Kingfisher at £125. It’s extremely sturdy and with great shade casting capabilities, as well as thick, retractable side curtains.

  • Greenfingers Ancona gazebo, £139.99

Greenfingers also has this more stylish gazebo on offer, down from £229.99. It comes with additional mosquito curtains and an air vent in the roof to prevent the heat from building up if the side panels are closed.

  • Marks and Spencer’s Nordina Finish gazebo, £699

If you really want to splash out, the M&S Nordina Finish gazebo will do the job. It has elegant wooden trellis-style supports, a large air vent and side drapes and is covered with high quality, beautiful cream heavy duty material.

But don’t forget, if you do decide to buy an expensive gazebo for your garden, check the garden cover levels in your house insurance policy, to check if its covered.

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