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Bank holidays mean DIY for 12 million households

Bank holidays mean DIY for 12 million households


Millions of have-a-go Brits will be bashing their houses about on this coming holiday weekend attempting all sorts of DIY projects.

But while almost one-in-five have experienced a DIY disaster, many don’t have the right home cover if things go wrong, latest research shows.


The start of the DIY season

Insurer Policy Expert’s figures reveal that on the first of the two May bank holidays over 40% (43%) of customers say they are planning to do some DIY work on their homes.


That’s almost 12million households out of 27.2million, based on current Government statistics.


Saving cash and loving it

Many do DIY because they’re trying to save (63%), while almost one-in-four (24%) simply don’t have the cash to pay a tradesperson, even if they wanted to.


Whether money is an issue or not, Brits clearly enjoy getting stuck in, with nearly half (48%) saying they love tinkering about in and around their homes. However, a lazy third (31%) confess they’ve started a DIY job but never finished it in the past.


Many uninsured for DIY disasters

As everyone knows, DIY can lead to some fairly serious problems if it goes wrong; whether that’s a support wall being knocked down that shouldn’t have been, or flooding due to an incorrectly fitted pipe.


However, Policy Expert’s research shows that just over one-in-three (35%) don’t have any cover for accidental damage as part of their home insurance.


As nearly one-in-five (17%) say they’ve had a DIY disaster at some point during their DIY ‘career’, there are clearly plenty of householders taking on potentially thousands of pounds worth of financial risk when they start a project.


Quite often, householders have to turn to turn to a qualified tradesperson to put right any problems their DIY has caused.


Word-of-mouth or online search?

Sensibly, just over four-in-five (82%) seek a recommendation via word-of-mouth when hiring someone for a job.


Another three-in-ten (30%) scrutinise a tradesperson’s website, and just over one-in-four use local directories.


Nearly two-in-five (37%) use online search engines and social media, with many viewing videos on YouTube and Facebook for clues as to how skilled a person is.


Local people, price and eco-friendly products

For one-in-two (49%), someone living locally is a key factor. And many are careful (49%) to only hire those who are registered with Trading Standards or another industry-approved organisation.


Price isn’t as important as you might perhaps think, with the cheapest quote only being relevant for less than one-in-five (17%).


Tradespersons offering environmentally-friendly services, such as those including eco-friendly building materials, are increasingly sort out, with 7% indicating this is crucial.


What sort of DIY do Brits get up to?

Of the types of DIY tasks householders attempt, Policy Expert’s figures reveal that most have tried gardening (85%) as well as painting and decorating (81%).


More complicated tasks are also tried by plenty of people, with just under one-in-three (30%) doing DIY carpentry and joinery or laying kitchen and bathroom tiles (29%).


Another one-in-four have had a go at renovating or repairing a kitchen (26%) or bathroom (25%), while nearly the same number trying electrical work (24%) or plumbing (23%).


Nearly one-in-four have attempted brickwork and laying patios (23%) or installing roof installation (22%).


Plastering, which is quite a difficult skill, has been undertaken by over one-in-ten (13%) and just one-in-fourteen (7%) have, bravely, had a go at roofing work.


Policy Expert

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Published 18th April 2018