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Are you DIY crazy?

Are you DIY crazy?

The UK goes a little bit DIY crazy on bank holidays, but many Brits haven’t got the right sort of insurance in place if things go wrong, latest research reveals.

Householders are unable to claim to get any DIY disasters fixed by professionals without home cover which allows for accidental damage.

Many uninsured for DIY disasters, but carry on anyway

But analysis by insurer Policy Expert shows that almost one-in-six (17%) don’t have insurance which allows for mishaps around the home, of which DIY is a major cause. And almost the same number aren’t sure if they do or not (18%).

Claims related to accidental damage tend to go up during public holidays, when there is a spike in the number of people attempting DIY projects.

Despite the worrying total of over one-in-three (35%) who are either unaware if they could claim, or know they couldn’t, many will go ahead with DIY regardless.

Popular DIY projects

By far and away the most popular tasks expected to be carried out this bank holiday are gardening and decorating. The vast majority (85%) will be putting their ‘green fingers’ to work, and four-in-five (81%) expect to throw some paint around.

Almost one-in-three (30%) will be attempting the often tricky DIY associated with carpentry and joinery.

Similar numbers (29%) say they’ll be laying down tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, or fitting carpet in other areas.

Potentially dangerous DIY

Electrical work, with all the potential dangerous consequences it brings, is going to be tried out by one-in-four (24%).

One area where disaster is only one badly fitted toilet pipe away is plumbing. Even so, almost one-in-four (23%) will be trying a bit out anyway.

And brick and patio work might sound relatively easy, but if things go awry you can have a collapsing wall on your hands. Despite this, another 23% will be getting out their trowels and cement mixers.

Highly skilled plastering and possibly dangerous roofing jobs will be undertaken by one-in-eight (23%) and one-in-fourteen (7%) respectively.

Bathroom renovation and repair work seems to put a lot of people off as only 2% say they’ll be attempting it.

Most common DIY disasters

When it comes to the most common DIY disasters experienced by householders, the usual suspects are all there. But most could be extremely costly to put right, and without the right home cover, possibly unaffordable for many.

They include the classic putting a foot or even falling through a ceiling, and cutting or drilling through water pipes.

Knocking down load-bearing walls and starting fires through faulty electrical work are other DIY tasks which have the potential to be completely disastrous.

Falling off ladders, tipping paint pots onto carpets and having shelving collapse are also on the list.

The Head of Operations at Policy Expert, Adam Powell points out that although “DIY can be fun and a great money saver, it can also end up costing you dearly… it’s a good idea to check with your insurance provider first, to make sure you’re not in for an expensive surprise.”



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Published 11th April 2018