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Are you a DIY diva or disaster area?

Are you a DIY diva or disaster area?

Spring marks the time when millions of Brits get busy with the DIY and start bashing their homes and gardens about in time for the summer.

Many have clearly been watching too many TV programmes like Grand Designs, however, as latest research from insurance provider Policy Expert shows nearly one-in-seven end up with a DIY disaster on their hands.

Brits love DIY, despite a high chance of disaster

But what’s also clear is that while lots of enthusiasts cause problems for themselves, we’re a nation that loves to get its hands dirty and have a go regardless.

The figures reveal that over half (51%) of Brits expect to carry out a DIY task or two before the warmer weather kicks in, which is around 25million adults (source: ONS families and households data).

Most enjoy doing DIY, as long as nothing disastrous happens. Many say they enjoy it all or some of the time that they’re doing it (42%), but for around one-in-four (23%) that’s only if things are going well.

Another one-in-three (33%) aren’t so happy with a spanner or paintbrush in their hand, while one-in-eight (13%) actively hate it.

DIY horrors hit one-in-seven

It’s when you get to those that have experienced a disaster of some sort that it becomes clear there’s a relatively high chance of things going wrong.

Of the one-in-seven who have had their DIY go terribly, a good number (16%) can only blame the utter incompetence that comes with them taking the ‘wrong measurements’.

Another one-in-nine (11%) simply drilled right through a wall, while nearly one-in-ten (9%) clumsily spilled paint on carpets.

Another one-in-fourteen (7%) managed to damage or mark their home’s walls.

Injuries figure relatively highly for a significant minority (5%), showing how dangerous DIY can be, with the stats also revealing that only a few less (4%) cut or drilled through electric cables!

Paying to put things right

The disasters don’t come cheap. Another one-in-nine (11%) say they had to get in a proper tradesman to sort out their ‘handiwork’, at an average cost of £173.

Nearly one-in-eight (12%) admit they either had to start the whole project again, bodged a ‘solution’ or left the disaster as it was and got on with another job.

What Brits spend on DIY projects

Brits spend considerable sums on their DIY, with Policy Expert’s research showing the average cost of a project reaches £770.

However, for one-in-ten (10%) it’s a rather eye watering £2,000 – quite a costly risk to take on something that the statistics show has a relatively high chance of going wrong.

Popular DIY tasks

The most popular form of DIY work is re-decoration, with nearly three-in-five (59%) intending to pick up a paint brush and roller in the next six months.

One-in-three (34%) will be carrying out the usual spring home maintenance tasks and just over one-in-eight (13%) plan to put together furniture, most likely flat pack.

And the number of people that must think they’re skilled DIYers is surprisingly high, with one-in-ten taking on the more major project of fitting a new bathroom (10%) and one-in-fourteen (7%) actually having a go at putting in a new kitchen.

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Published 15 April 2019