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A shed load of valuables left uninsured

A shed load of valuables left uninsured

Brits are famously green-fingered, with individuals pouring vast amounts of money and effort into making their gardens flourish. In fact, the average homeowner spent £419 on their garden last year, whilst 10% said they spent over £1,000!

Items worth thousands at risk

But keeping gardens in such good shape requires more than just green fingers. 88% of homeowners say they keep garden tools and lawnmowers in their sheds or outbuildings, and 46% use these spaces to keep their garden furniture away from the ravages of wind and rain.

In fact, sheds and garages provide a home to a wide range of belongings, including power tools (46%), BBQs (27%), sport equipment (22%) and even stored furniture (13%). In fact it seems that only a small minority (11%) actually use their garage store their car.

So much stuff is piled up in sheds, that to replace the contents of the average one would total more than £1,150; while 5% say it would cost more than £5,000 to replace everything they keep there.

Despite this, more than one in ten (11%) Brits admit their shed/outbuilding/garage is not insured against damage or theft. More than a third (35%) have no idea meaning they’re potentially putting their valuables at risk.

Getting the right cover

Home insurance that includes cover for most items kept in sheds, garages, barns and other outbuildings comes as standard with many policies, but not all by any means.

If a policy doesn’t include it, it can be quickly and easily be arranged over the phone or online for usually just a few pounds a year more.


Policy Expert

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Published 11 May 2018