6 Secrets to selling your home

6 secrets to selling your home from Policy Expert home insurance broker
Trying to sell your home is never easy, but in this market it’s particularly difficult. We’ve put together some lesser-known tips that could make the difference between your property selling, or just sitting on estate agents books.


#1 Half-empty your cupboards

When buyers come to look around your house, they want to know they can ‘grow into it’. If you have jammed all of your belongings into the cupboards (in an attempt to de-clutter), buyers will assume there’s not a lot of space.

Try putting your clutter into storage, or have a clear out before your put your house on the market


#2 Never show the property yourself

The logic stands to reason, no one knows your house better than you, but viewing properties when the owner’s at home can make buyers feel uncomfortable. Buyers often don’t ask questions or voice their opinions for fear of upsetting the current owners.

Give your estate agent a set of keys and try to arrange viewings for times when you can be out.


#3 Don’t over-do the make-over

Freshening up your house by neutralising rooms and replacing and removing worn out décor is always a good idea, but there’s no need to go overboard. It’s unlikely you’ll make your money back on expensive renovations or new appliances.

Make small cosmetic changes like replacing cabinet handles instead of a whole new kitchen, and new taps instead of a brand new bathroom suite.


#4 Define your rooms

If you’re marketing your house as a 3 bedroom house, make sure it has 3 bedrooms, not 2 bedrooms and a study! Make the purposes of the rooms obvious, don’t assume buyers will recognise a rooms potential.

If a bedroom is a double room, put a double bed in it. Likewise if you have space for a table in your kitchen, put a table in it.


#5 Stop thinking of it as your home, start thinking of it as a house

The reality is, the sooner you start treating your home as a something to sell and not your ‘home’ the easier it becomes for buyers to picture themselves living there. Try to separate yourself (and your family) from your property emotionally, that way it’ll be easier to make the tough decisions when it comes to it.

Remove personal things like children’s posters, knick-knacks and clutter and make the house as plain, clean and bright as possible. Try to keep your property as much like a ‘show home’ as possible while you’re selling it.


#6 Compare your property with others on the market

Take a look at your property adverts and compare them to other similar properties in the area. Look particularly at the photos (particularly the lead image), how big the rooms look and the property description.

If yours doesn’t look like the best of the properties available in your price bracket and area, ask your agent to amend the advert. Buyers make the decision whether to view more of a particular property in the first 2.7 seconds – make sure yours is reeling them in!


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