5 ways to sell your Home Quickly

Homes which linger on the market for months put buyers off as they assume that ‘something’s wrong’. There probably isn’t, it’s just that the sellers are missing some of the most simple, but effective tricks to sell your home faster. sell your home

To sell your home quickly, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a new kitchen, beautiful garden re-design or loft conversion.

Here are five relatively simple things you can do to sell your home fast:

  • Price

The price of a property is nearly always fundamental to why it isn’t selling. Check the price of homes for sale nearby and ask yourself some potentially painful questions, such as ‘Is my home really as nice as I think it is? Does all the money and time I’ve spent lovingly improving it really mean it’s worth more than an almost identical home a couple of streets away?’.

Also, get a couple of new estate agents round and ask them to price your property. Once they’ve given you a figure, ask them again and this time tell them to assume you want to sell your home within the next 30 days. You’ll find the two figures are usually revealingly different.

If you’ve had your home on the market for a while, you then need to make the difficult decision as to whether to reduce the price or not.

  • Light or dark?

It may feel premature to cut the price, and you could be right, especially if you haven’t bothered to make your home feel as light and airy as possible for buyers.

A home with a gloomy feel and seemingly dark rooms painted in dark colours will put off most buyers (it’s probably more important than the kitchen).

So ditch drapes and dark curtains, wash all your windows, trim any overhanging trees and bushes starving your home of light, rip up dirty old dark carpets and strip back, sand and varnish floorboards (if possible) or put in new lighter carpeting in key rooms, and paint walls a soft off-white. It’s simple, doesn’t cost too much, and very, very effective.

  • Cleanliness is next to godliness

A dirty bathroom and kitchen, with yellowed and stained fittings, filthy cookers and baths, with dust and dirt everywhere, is another huge negative for buyers. Most simply cannot see how nice these two key parts of a house could be without being ‘shown’ first.

Completely clean them both from top to bottom (employ professional cleaners if you’re not too good with the old elbow grease). Make every surface sparkle, put in a new shower curtain and rail if needed, add a new toilet seat and hang clean, pretty new towels from radiators, place flowers by windows. Re-paint with off-white colours to freshen up the rooms and help bounce more light around.

  • Offer to pay some costs

Everyone loves a deal, and it’s amazing how you might be able to get things moving if you offer to sweeten the sale with an incentive of some sort.

A classic way to do this is to offer to pay the buyer’s stamp duty, or at least half of it. Another is to pay for a survey or solicitor’s costs (up to a maximum figure of course!).

  • Boost curb appeal

Most homes are sold before the buyers have even walked through the front door: initial impressions are hugely important in forming opinion on a property.

You need to give the front a fresh coat of paint, including guttering and window frames, clean up brickwork and re-do pointing. Cut any bushes and grass and paint front walls.

If the front of your house has a yard-type area, think about covering it with attractive gravel of some sort. Put in hanging baskets and well-placed potted trees, plant flowers and neat bushes and paint the front door.

Use all the tricks you can to smarten up the outside and make the buyer feel the home has been loved, and that they’d be proud to step through the front door if it was theirs.

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