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What do you keep in your shed?

What do you keep in your shed?


Garden sheds across the country are packed with goodies what thieves would just love to get their hands on, latest research shows.

Average shed’s contents worth £1,150

From lawnmowers to garden furniture, a typical shed’s contents is, on average, worth just over £1,150, figures compiled by insurer Policy Expert indicate.

And many householders keep items in outbuildings that add up to even more.


Some top £5,000

While the average might be £1,150, almost four-in-ten (39%) say their sheds contain valuables that would cost between £1,000 and £5,000 to replace.

Another one-in-twenty (5%) put the figure at a whopping £5,000 or more.


Many taking major financial risk

Yet, despite this, many are taking a considerable financial risk by not having the sort of home insurance in place which covers outbuildings for theft and damage.

More than one-in-ten (11%) are certain that their policy doesn’t cover the things they store in their sheds, while another third (35%) simply don’t know.


Thieves love possessions kept in sheds

The items most frequently kept in sheds and other outbuildings are attractive to thieves as they’re often popular things to own, and easy to sell on, as well as potentially being worth thousands.


Most popular shed items: Mowers and tools

As you’d perhaps expect, garden tools (88%), lawnmowers (75%) and power tools (51%) top the list of most popular items found in sheds.

Garden furniture, which can cost thousands if it’s high quality, is also stored in sheds by nearly one-in-two (46%), and BBQ’s by just over one-in-four (27%).


Motorbikes and bicycles worth thousands stored away

Motorbikes and bicycles are other popular possessions which can also cost thousands and that, often by necessity, are also commonly kept in outbuildings (26%).

Some householders store away sports equipment (22%), such as golf clubs, and electrical items (21%). Again, either can be worth considerable sums.

Toys (15%) and things used for hobbies (13%), such as train sets and musical instruments, are also commonly found in sheds.


Heirlooms might be found in sheds

Furniture, which might include family heirlooms worth a fortune, is found in a large minority of outbuildings (13%), as are cars (11%).

A small number of householders (1%) also have hot tubs and boats stored away.



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Published 19th June 2018