Can your wedding insurance pay for bad weather?

With weather patterns becoming increasingly unpredictable, is there anything you can do to prevent the pains of bad weather on your special day? Will wedding insurance cover you?
Wedding insurance

Of course, there’s no method for controlling the weather. If the sun shines on your big day it’s a bonus; if it pours with rain – it’s unlucky. However, some policies could offer you cover for more extreme situations.

For example, if severe weather causes the closure of your chosen venue (for example, due to flooding) wedding cover may be able to help you manage some (or all) of the associated costs.

The inaccessibility of a venue due to bad weather could force you to change the location of your wedding last minute. This could mean that you lose money you’ve already spent while also having to pay out additional money to secure an alternative.

Wedding insurance could certainly come in handy should disaster strike.

The level of protection will vary between policies and not all wedding insurance will cover the same eventualities. Make sure you read the small print, so you’re confident that your policy is suitable for the needs of your particular celebration.

Also, check any protection that you might already have in place. Paying with a credit card can offer some security, as you’re normally able to claim money back from your credit card provider if there’s a problem with goods or services.

In addition, many contents insurance policies will automatically give you a higher level of cover around your wedding day to help ensure your gifts are fully protected. Although, do note that this will only be for a temporary period.

Don’t forget to take out cover as soon as you’ve put plans in place. Most policies will not cover you for known conditions – for example, if a snow storm is forecast for your wedding next week – you couldn’t quickly take out a policy with that knowledge.

With many UK weddings hitting the £20,000 mark, it could be wise to put some form of cover in place. It won’t guarantee you bright blue skies, but it could prevent the dark cloud of disappointment.

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