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Valuable collections – are yours covered?

Valuable collections – are yours covered?

Many people collect all sorts of random things; from biscuit tins to teddy bears. But, without the right home insurance in place, collectors risk losing the lot without any financial compensation.

Toys become treasure: Star Wars memorabilia

There are many examples where, over the years, what might have once been considered junk or silly ephemera becomes worth a lot of money.

A good example would be memorabilia from the Star Wars series of films. Back in 1980, when the The Empire Strikes Back came out, a model of the character Boba Fett cost £1.50.

However, the same item, in pristine condition and an unopened box, recently sold at auction for £18,000.

And an original Lego version of the Millennium Falcon, the iconic spacecraft flown by Han Solo, now fetches around £5,000.

Collectible Furbies

Collectible items don’t even have to be that old.

Some original Furbies, the somewhat owl-like, ‘friendly’ robotic toys from the late 1990s, for example, fetch £400 each.

Is your collection covered?

Rules regarding collectible items in home cover policies mean that collectors are taking quite a gamble if they don’t have the right type of cover in place.

Take maximum claim amounts, for example. Most insurers only allow you to make claims up to a clearly specified amount for individual items or sets of items (e.g. rare coins or records).

As this can often be as little as £1000, you’d only need to own a few Furbies and you could exceed the claim limit on your home insurance!

How to ensure a collection is covered

  • Check claim limits – Check what your policy claim limits are with insurers.
  • Proving ownership – Keep clear inventories and all receipts. It’s also a good idea to take time-stamped pictures of collections.
  • Rallies and conventions – Many collectors show items at rallies and conventions. This needs to be flagged up to an insurer as ‘away from home’ insurance might need to be added to a policy.
  • Replacement value versus purchase value – Items in collections may have cost very little, but their replacement value is based on what they’re worth today, not what was paid for them.
  • Policy clauses – Policy small print needs to be looked at carefully. Any policies that offer modern reproduction replacements for collectible items should, preferably, be avoided.
  • Claim circumstances – Collectors need to fully understand what claim situations they can and can’t claim for, such as damage while travelling, for example.

Policy Expert

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Published 20 Jan 2017