Thousands of Pound worth of Gadgets Uninsured

Nearly one-in-three Britons carry gadgets and items on them worth £1,000 or more, but over half don’t have home insurance which financially covers their possessions when they’re out and about, latest research shows.gadgets
The survey, by leading insurance broker Policy Expert, also shows that many Brits feel quite comfortable using hi-tech gadgets such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, which could partly explain the high value of items they usually carry on them.

In the 18-to-24 age range, 100% surveyed consider themselves ‘good’ or ‘very good’ with technology. Those between 25 and 34 are mainly confident, but 31% say they’re ‘only ok’ or ‘not good’ with tech.

The over 55s also appear to be pretty tech-savvy; 27% believe they’re ‘good’ or ‘very good’ with tech. But, as with the late 20s and early 30s age groups, 31% say they’re ‘not good’ with gadgets.

Expensive gadgets with No Insurance away from the home

The general confidence with technology might explain the overall high value of items people carry around when they’re out and about on a daily basis.

Almost half, 47%, usually have possessions on them worth more than £500. Another 22% carry items worth over £1,000 and almost one in ten say the value of what’s in their bags and pockets is a whopping £2,000 or more.

What gadgets and valuables are most commonly carried?

Mobile phones are the most commonly carried item, with 92% of those surveyed taking a mobile with them when they leave their homes.

The next most carried possessions, by 57% of people, are jewellery or watches, then iPads and tablets by 25%, Kindles and e-readers by 17%, and laptops by 14%.

Under-insured and risking it

Considering that only 45% say they have the correct ‘away from home’ insurance, and nearly 70% don’t have any form of separate gadget cover, there are an awful lot of people walking around with a great deal to lose.

It means that while 78% of Brits are happily carrying items on them worth up to £2,000, over half of them are risking getting nothing back on their insurance if anything is damaged, lost or stolen.

Confusion reigns

But the survey also suggests most people are confused as to whether or not their current home insurance protects them.

Even though over half appear to know they don’t have away from home cover, or separate gadget insurance, most seem to believe they can claim on their existing home insurance.

Just over 39% say they’d claim for a laptop if it was damaged, while 36% would claim for a watch or jewellery, 29% for an iPad or tablet and 23% for a mobile phone, but only 8% would for an e-reader, and hardly any for a handheld games console.

Check with the insurer

If someone isn’t sure if they’re covered for their possessions when they’re not where they live, a quick call to their insurer or insurance broker should sort it out.

Extra cover for protection away from home can be bought quickly and easily over the phone or online.

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