Storm Damage – Are you Covered?


Weather can be extreme – from boiling hot sunshine to lightning and torrential rain – and can cause widespread chaos.

The extreme weather has unfortunately caused both damage to property and people. Lightning strikes were reported at a tower block in the east end in London causing a blaze on the 17th storey. Elsewhere in London, a crane operator fell to his death in the Olympic village after torrential rain caused him to slip from a ladder.

In Suffolk, Sussex and Kent, lightning was reported setting fire to some homes. Fires were also reported due to the searing 90F heat wave.

This week, sun worshippers are being warned that the hot weather could be coming to an end. More unsettled skies are due this afternoon – with a wetter, windier conditions towards the end of the week.

Unfortunately, our plans and our homes are often at the mercy of external conditions.

We can of course take precautions, but sometimes unexpected weather can result in costly repairs.

What to do if your home suffers Storm Damage by extreme weather…

Here are a few pointers:

• Check the full policy wording of your insurance. Most policies will include cover for storm and flood damage. Read all the details carefully as there may be some exclusions.

For example, some areas of your home – like patios, gates and driveways may not be covered for storm and flood damage. Be aware that some policies may also exclude frost damage entirely from their cover. There might also be some particular conditions around wind speeds – if in doubt, call your insurer directly to talk it through.

• Always take photographic evidence of any storm/flood damage caused. This may be required as proof when making a claim.

• If the damage requires immediate repair work – always inform your home insurance provider of this work before it’s carried out. Make sure you keep any receipts.

• It could be wise to keep any proof you have of the bad weather/flash flooding/lightning. This could be in the form of video footage or local news reports.

• Decide whether making a claim is worth the potential extra cost to your premium. It may be better to make small, low-cost repairs out of your own pocket rather than filing a claim.

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